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Custer State Park

Hello Everyone,

August 2008,

Since I haven’t been keeping current with my blogging, I am just going to give a overview of our time in Custer State Park, SD.

First of all, I really love this area!  It costs $10 to get into this park. This ten bucks allows us to spend a week, coming and going from the park. We had planned on taking the rig and staying (camping) in the park, but we couldn’t get reservations for the Labor Day weekend, and besides that, the narrow, twisting road and the tunnels make following the shortest route to a camp site impossible.

 Custer State Park & Needles Highway, SD 002 600x449 Custer State Park & Needles Highway, SD 025 600x449

Can you see a 36 ft Class A motor home driving through these. Nope! neither could we.

Custer State Park & Needles Highway, SD 008 600x449

Modern day cowboy! A ranger with his bull whip, and could he ever make it snap!

Custer State Park & Needles Highway, SD 005 600x449

The Ranger used the crack of his whip to move these “cows” out of the camping area. Sorry, I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of that.

 new download 9.1 102 600x449

These are some of the road hogs bison that John was playing “chicken”with! Some of them was walking down the road right toward us. as we ever so slowly, approached them on the road.

There are signs along all of the roads, saying;

Do Not Approach The Bison/Buffalo,                                        They are extremely dangerous.

I was holding my breath and scooting lower and lower in the seat, just waiting and knowing that one of the big bulls were going to make mincemeat of us and our puny, little SUV.

No! I didn’t take a photo of that. I was to busy hiding. Actually, I thought I had taken a couple of pictures of this act of macho by my sweet brave husband,  but I guess, I just thought that I had.

  new download 9.1 075 600x449

This little guy is a wild burro looking for a hand out. This one was standing in our lane, blocking our passage; another car was getting the same treatment in the other lane. They are real beggars and they are good at their trade.

new download 9.1 072 600x449

This one came up and put his head in John’s window. There was a whole herd of them beside the road.

We seen lots of antelope, different types of mountain goats & lots of deer and other unnamed critters.

new download 9.1 086 600x449

This is a zoom shot of the Pronghorn “Prince” keeping track of his harem on the slope below him.

I could go on and on about this park, but I think you have seen enough for this trip.

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A IM conversation with my sister! Annie is her doggy.

aleta says:

Did you see what I said about Annie about her acting strange?

Patti says:


Patti says:

what is she doing

aleta  says:

there are times when she wont go in my room , she just slinks around here with her ears laid back and her tail between her legs

Patti says:

sounds like a ghost is there

aleta  says:

she’ll go to Dan and stare at him

Patti says:

does the hair on the back of your neck raise

aleta  says:

last night she didnt want to stay in my room she kept wanting to go into the front room

Patti says:

he hasn’t been mean to her? No of course not!

aleta says:

no he isnt cause she goes up to him for petting or just to irritate him ho ho

Patti says:

something in your room put some white candles in there and burn them a lot I understand (from somewhere) that that keeps the spooks away.

aleta  says:

when i got home the other night it smelled like something dead in my bathroom

Patti says:

make sure your bedroom windows are locked especially at night, does she whine

aleta says:

no she just looks around

Patti says:

oh this is scary

aleta says:

did i tell you about the worms coming out of the faucet in dans bathroom

Patti says:

Maybe you should get a priest to come out there and look around

Patti says:

tell me about the worms

aleta says:

they dont do that

aleta  says:

the worms looked like those things that fall out of the trees , just a 1/4 inch long and dark

aleta  says:

squiggly things

Patti says:


Patti says:

Call ghost busters!

Patti says:

white candles, crosses get them up

aleta  says:

there is a hole in the bathtub faucet underneath, one day we came home and dan said mom come and look at this

aleta  says:

they were falling out by the gobs

Patti says:

now that sounds like a pretty sight what did you do?

aleta says:

must have been a hundred of them just like some scarey movie

aleta  says:

dan took the back off of the faucet and sprayed a can of Raid in there and they went away havent seen any since

aleta  says:

this place has more bugs than in …….

Patti says:

what other strange things have been happening there?

aleta says:

thats about it other than the worms in the pantry which i think we got rid of

aleta says:

they were moth larvae, tons of moths around here . sprayed real good and keep the doors closed with duck tape

aleta  says:

i sure thought this house was the perfect place when i saw that doggy door

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Before you read this post read “Bison in the Park” in the prior posting.  I had to split the post to get it to publish.

I was looking at at least three large bulls, several females and even some babies.  Those bulls, were staying between John & myself and those females and babies. 

They didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere’s near them! But I sure was worried about where they planned on going!



Finally, they moved past us, that is after they climbed that hill that we had been on and then went down some where and moved down that trail I had been on. They crossed the parking lot, moved out into the street and blocked a car that had stopped for them. I am sure glad that I wasn’t in that car, they were very close to it! And they looked like they might have a head to head talk with that car! But finally they moved on across the road and out of sight. We sure are having fun! Gulp!

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I have been trying to get this to publish since Monday – so far it keeps giving me a time out error. So I will split it in have and try that! 


7/15   Continuing with my story about the Roosevelt Park:

We (John & I) stopped at one of the camp grounds where we discovered the trail head for Little Mo Trail. It was 1.1 miles long, with .7 of that length, paved for the use of wheelchair bound tourists.

Even though it was hotter then hell out there, I started out behind my trail beater. It was easy going – for awhile, the trail wound in and out around the brush, with numbered posts referring back to the pamphlet that we picked up from the way station holder – anyway it told what was what on the trail.

After a while, we came to a high overlook, looking down and out we could see the river below us; it was a wide stream lazily flowing along. It was quiet there and peaceful with no one around for miles, or so it seemed!

Finally the trail split, the easy going one, turning and heading back to the parking lot, the other turned into a very narrow, grass matted path leading up, up and over a hill.

I decided that I would go back to the car, while my macho man went out into the wild blue golden yonder!

Well, I hadn’t gone very far, when I heard John call to me; I couldn’t understand what he was saying, finally I heard “come”.  


So being the adventurous soul that I am – ha – I reluctantly turned around and back tracked to that skinny trail, and can you believe it! It had even gotten skinner. some how!

So up I climbed, up to the top of that hill, huffing and puffing my way along! Now why was I doing this! Oh, I remember – to have fun! Yes that’s it having fun! 

John pointed down to the river, pointing out bison crossing the river, quite away’s away. No sweat they were along ways away! Wow, those suckers were huge, even at such a distance I could see that!

Bison Roosevelt National Park North Unit Roosevelt National Park North Unit 037

John pointed down to the path that I had been on – to a double set of paths, vehicle trail I guess, Roosevelt National Park North Unit 054

which crossed the path that I had just left. So looking further along that vehicle trail, I see! What! Oh no! Big, huge, shaggy things! Bison, bison were coming up the trail toward my trail!

While I was taking some pictures, they snuck up on me, and with the sun shining in my eyes it was hard to see if I even got them center by the camera eye.

 What! how did they cover that much ground!  And those things were moving fast! It was time to get a move on – get up higher on the trail. I would be safe up there!

More pictures taken, more miles of trail behind me, then I noticed piles of poop on the trail – what Bison poop! How did they get up here?

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 135

To be continued….. 

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Over the last couple of weeks,  we continued our travels from Leavenworth, Washington on SR 2 staying for four days in a RV Park at the outskirts of Glacier National Park. We made day trips up into the mountains into the Park.

Glacier National Monument 279 This is a view of the side of our RV looking out toward the mountains. These mountains are  the little ones!

It was truly beautiful to behold the mountains, streams, and lakes in the region; just breath taking! Especially going around the curves on that skinny road, where it seemed that we hung out over the valley below. Glacier National Monument 168 If you look closely, you can see the road, those are red tour vehicles ahead of us going around the curve.

Glacier National Monument 113 This is a shot of the glaciers! Surprisingly,  it was not cold here! It was hard capturing good shots of the glaciers due to the whiteness of the ice fields and the haziness of the sky.  I had a really hard time getting as many good photos as I wanted, I finally climbed into the back seat of the car so I could dart from side to side of the car to take the pictures. There were just so many vistas crying out to have their picture taken!

 Glacier National Monument 082 Glacier National Monument 267  Glacier National Monument 052 If you look closely at the mountain side – about the middle on the left side you will see  a white blot. Glacier National Monument 132

Now look at the enlargement. It reveals two mountain goats that crossed the road and climbed up the face of the mountain side – all within the blink of your eye!Glacier National Monument Mtn GoatCropped

We took a short hike down the side of the mountain to a fast moving creek/stream to see this water falls.  Crossing this foot bridge in the process. Glacier National Monument 046  Glacier National Monument 044 At a distance that little bridge looked like it was only a 2×4 board across the middle support; but in reality it was five 2x4s wide. and the water was deeper than it looks from the photo.

We had a wonderful time and if you have a chance to go to this park;  I highly recommend it.

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Deer in the Park

A short while ago I happened to glance outside and there before me came wondering into our camp site two growing fawns. Was I ever surprised! What with the activity around here, I wouldn’t have expected them to be anywhere near. I did enjoy seeing them.

 Deer in Leavonworth RV Park 003Deer in Leavonworth RV Park 004 I just barely captured their likeness! Seeing them all ways gives me a good feeling; closer to nature or some such thing. I know that they can be a big pest in the not so rural areas. My niece calls them wood rats.

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