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Bittersweet Thanksgivings

November 28,2008


This time of the year is always hard for me as I lost my mom shortly after Thanksgiving. Today marks the fifteenth year since her passing. Even though so many years have come and gone, I feel the lingering grief in my deepest soul. The week that she died, she spent in the hospital dying from a broken down system. She had been a smoker most of her life and it had taken a toll on her body. She was in renal failure when she left us on that day so long ago. Her lungs had just about given up, but her heart continued to keep her with us. She suffer with oxygen hunger, she could breathe, but wasn’t able to process the air that she took into her lungs. Night time was a nightmare for her, as it made her breathing worse, she struggled so. One night she was in such agony that she begged me to smother her with a pillow. How that hurt to hear her ask me to do that. I told her that I couldn’t do that, but I would try to help her. I found her nurse and requested a strong sleeping tablet, which being a nurse myself, I knew would most probably ease her into the peace that she craved. After the doctor ordered the medicine, I explained to her that she would probably go to sleep and not wake up. I wanted to make sure that this is what she really wanted to do. I loved her enough to grant her last wish. Even though I am glad that I did, I still feel the pain of her passing with my granting of her last request of me.

My brother,Jack and my sister,Alonea were at her bedside when she drifted away. Aleta and I were home staying with our father. When the expected call came, we took our father into see her. He had been there earlier in the day. He cried that he wasn’t there with her when she passed. He lived another few years in the home of my beloved Aleta. During those years not one of us told him of what had happened that night that she left us.

My mom always made pecan pies for Thanksgiving. That year she could not make them. My daddy, bless his heart, got out all of the ingredients with our help and made those pies. He wouldn’t let us help him and he insisted that he was doing it for our mother. That is the only time that I can remember him cooking anything.

How I miss my parents. For all of you out there with living parents, be grateful that you can still hug them and hold them tight for some day they too will be gone.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be a bright memory in the years to come.

Thanksgiving brings many memories; ones of childhood. My dad & mom always took us to my aunt’s house. It was a drive through the snow covered country side, sometimes the roads were covered with snow. We always arrived safely singing Christmas carols all the way. I have fond memories of spending the day at my favorite aunt Orilla’s  house. She had a large family (providing 12 cousins), also my aunt Viola and her family were there, another 5 kidos, plus the 5 from my family. So there were billions of kids of all ages there for the holidays. There was lots of laughter, screaming and yelling with any available adult grabbing a arm and telling us to quiet down and stop running. The kitchen had a table (yes, only one) it was a huge thing, it seemed to fill the whole kitchen, and it held everyone, the kids ate with the adults. Oh the memories!

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Just Rambling On

I was reading my daughter’s blog ( Susansmusings) the other day where she mentioned about my writing long, wonderful  letters to my family that lived in some far off place like, well…… This was many years ago, she was just a child. She mentioned that they (the letters) were like blogging. No Internet then. How long ago that seems! Everyone use to say how they enjoyed my letters! I sure don’t know what happened. Now, I have great difficulty even coming up with something to write about. So I am going to write a letter to my sister, Aleta and see if I will drift into that old familiar state of mind where I can write about anything and make it interesting – sort of that is!  Now you continue to read, cause it is for all of you to enjoy, that is I hope it will be enjoyable.

Dear Aleta;

Not much is happening here. So not a lot for me to talk about.

I sure wish that you could be here with me.  I also wish you could have been here to help me celebrate my birthday yesterday! Now, John, and me are both the same age. How about that!

It sure is pretty here! We are now entering the drabness (is that spelled right?) of the ending of Autumn, but I still find beauty all about.

Looking out the window beside me, I see several tall pine trees, splendid in their coats of green, against a background of fallen leaves. The leaves are laying among green bushes and ferns. The only thing to improve this picture, would be a covering of snow, but then we would probably be packing up to get the heck out of town, as you know, we are allergic to the color white.

You should see these leaves! They are so big! They must be a foot across! Just look here at them! They look like maple to me, but then I am no expert and my memory of the tree leaves of my childhood is very iffy! (That is to a word! (iffy) I remember when Sue made it up!

large leaves 640x479

I see a couple of old, long dead tree stumps, looking black against the brown of the leaves. The fog of the early morning is still creeping about, it brings a eerie feel to the scene.

Rain continues to come and go here, I can’t trust the weather man as he has been wrong to many times!

And so we wait for the morrow.

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This afternoon a request was made by Mimi for me to teach her how to knit.  I attempted to teach her this skill a couple of years ago, but at the time, she was having a hard time concentrating on what she was doing, and also, if I remember right, was having difficulty getting her hands to follow what her mind was telling them to do. So the first lesson did not stay with her.  This was shortly before, her grandfather and I were leaving for the East coast so that was the only lesson I was able to give her at that time.  The few months before that I had begun to teach Kt how to crochet and to knit, now it is time to get out the needles and hooks again and continue what I had started back then. I am looking forward to once again teaching my granddaughters the fine old art of needle work.  There are so many wonderful yarns and pattern books waiting for young hands and minds to discover.

Years ago, my mother taught me how to crochet, and I had a lot of fun with it and took great pride in what I could create.  She didn’t know how to knit, so I had to find another way to learn that craft. I was able to become quite adapt with the use of a good beginners knitting book.  Years later, I tried to teach my Susan how to knit and crochet, but for some reason, she didn’t learn these skills. I might have to try once again with her as well.  I think that she told me once that I had never tried to teach her, but she must have been to young at the time and has forgotten, I must have been very eager to teach her. Then other things took up our interests. I do know that I did pass on to her, her love of sewing, which she has become quite good at. I do believe that she would attempt to make just about anything, and has made some very beautiful dresses, and gowns for the girls. Did I say how proud of her I am! 

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Surprise Surprise!


 We continue to have trouble from time to time getting our Satellite Dish for Direct TV and Internet set and working as it should. I am at Sue’s piggybacked on her system while I attempt to put out some sort of posting.

Due to a clog in our plans to spend the night at a RV park, we had to continue down the road. (on our way to Sue’s house)

For some reason, no one was home at the park to talk to us. They just left a note to put money in envelope and park some where. We were suppose to get a discount, but since no one was available — they wanted the full price, which of course we didn’t want to give them.

We had the pleasure of being able to surprise Meghan (and the rest of the family). Meghan has been hounding us for months to hurry up and get to her house.

And surprise her we did, she sure did squeal and scream! Sue quietly let us in and send her dad in to surprise Meg. Whether our arriving early spoiled Sue’s plans, we don’t know as she very tactfully kept that to herself.

After having dinner with the family and receiving all of our hugs and kisses that had been piling up for several months, we stumbled out to the car and drove back to our RV that was parked about a half hour away. I think they were all glad to see us.


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John is not much of a night owl.  He usually goes to bed between nine and ten pm. This is a good thing as this gives me the private time that I crave. With our life style of RV living, alone time is sometimes hard to come by.  So I treasure these moments when they are available.

The other night was different though. Around ten, he says good night to me and sleepily heads for the bedroom.  A couple of hours later, I wonder off to the bedroom with thoughts of cuddling up close and giving my beloved a few hugs and kisses.

I climb into bed and scoot up next to him. Of course, he has his back to me.  So I sort of bounce move around a little on the bed. Nothing! Now how romantic is that! I don’t like being ignored; sleeping is no excuse!!

So, next,  I kind of poke him a time or two (just to get his attention you know). Finally!  he snorts, or moans or makes some kind of sound as he rolls over to face me, reaching out to pull me closer, at which time I hear that sound again, and it is much louder. I know what it was!

I immediately start to slide to my side of the bed (to make my get away), but darn I was just not fast enough.  I was overwhelmed with it, the sound loudly reverberating in my ears, the smell, enough to gag a maggot. xzxzxzx  The horror of it!  Nothing could smell that bad!  He was rotten to the core!

I pull the door shut, to try to keep “it” contained! I could hear him mumbling something like  What’s the matter? I light a candle, wondering as I do if there will be a large flash fire!  Then, I grab the bottle of room deodorant and give it a good spray to create a barrier between me and the bedroom. I close the second door and think maybe I am safe. But, I think, that I can smell “it”

I could hear him in there laughing his fool head off, while I sat in the living room planning my revenge.

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A Rambling Letter

Dear Susan.

(the rest of you are welcome to read on) 

So you want me to write my masterpieces like I use to write letters to your Aunt and Grandma. I don’t know if I can get “that” going again; but I will try. By “that” I mean a long rambling funny, sometimes sad/happy narrative type of letter – Sometimes the whole truth has been tweeked and sometimes I can hear you say:”that’s not how that happened”. Well, you just live with it. Now you all let me know what you think of this style of writing.

While, we were at the Winnebago RV Plant, I met a long lost Sister that I didn’t know that I had! She must be my sister, we got along so well, we had so much fun picking on each other. We laughed and laughed and picked on anyone that came close. Lots of our group – we called our group the Repair Rally – kept asking if we knew each other before arriving there. I miss my new Sister. And darn I didn’t even get a picture of her! But I have her address and phone number.

Well, after five long days, at the Winnebago RV Plant, in Iowa, we finally got all of our repairs to the RV completed. The long dented gouge to the side of the coach has been returned to pristine newness; an amazing job they did! The awning motor has been replaced and whatever else needed doing was done.

So bright and early (I think it was still dark out) on Friday morning we hit the road a running. We were very happy to get out of there. The spirit of wanderlust was pressing hard on our souls. I was shutting the coach door as our tires squealed when we roared out onto the highway.  Anyone that got in our way, must have slammed on their brakes when they seen our blue streak go by!

Later in the day, we pulled into Family-lee-Fun RV Park, just west of Mitchell, SD.  I waited in the rig while your dad checked into the park. We belong to the PassPort RV Club, they provide RV sites for 1/2 the original price to stay at a RV Park that has signed up with them. Well, when your dad came back out, steam was coming out of his ears! He said that the guy in the office was having a hissy fit – a big one.  When your dad ask him why his (the owner’s) price didn’t agree with the PassPort Price, the guy went off on him. I was so relieved when I found out that your dad didn’t beat the bloody hell out of the proprietor right then and there. I would have! You know I would have! But your dad being the nice guy that he is, took it all in stride! Pooh, now what fun is that!

Well, this has grown into a long letter, so I will save my story about Wall Drug Store for the next time. Stay Tuned.


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A IM conversation with my sister! Annie is her doggy.

aleta says:

Did you see what I said about Annie about her acting strange?

Patti says:


Patti says:

what is she doing

aleta  says:

there are times when she wont go in my room , she just slinks around here with her ears laid back and her tail between her legs

Patti says:

sounds like a ghost is there

aleta  says:

she’ll go to Dan and stare at him

Patti says:

does the hair on the back of your neck raise

aleta  says:

last night she didnt want to stay in my room she kept wanting to go into the front room

Patti says:

he hasn’t been mean to her? No of course not!

aleta says:

no he isnt cause she goes up to him for petting or just to irritate him ho ho

Patti says:

something in your room put some white candles in there and burn them a lot I understand (from somewhere) that that keeps the spooks away.

aleta  says:

when i got home the other night it smelled like something dead in my bathroom

Patti says:

make sure your bedroom windows are locked especially at night, does she whine

aleta says:

no she just looks around

Patti says:

oh this is scary

aleta says:

did i tell you about the worms coming out of the faucet in dans bathroom

Patti says:

Maybe you should get a priest to come out there and look around

Patti says:

tell me about the worms

aleta says:

they dont do that

aleta  says:

the worms looked like those things that fall out of the trees , just a 1/4 inch long and dark

aleta  says:

squiggly things

Patti says:


Patti says:

Call ghost busters!

Patti says:

white candles, crosses get them up

aleta  says:

there is a hole in the bathtub faucet underneath, one day we came home and dan said mom come and look at this

aleta  says:

they were falling out by the gobs

Patti says:

now that sounds like a pretty sight what did you do?

aleta says:

must have been a hundred of them just like some scarey movie

aleta  says:

dan took the back off of the faucet and sprayed a can of Raid in there and they went away havent seen any since

aleta  says:

this place has more bugs than in …….

Patti says:

what other strange things have been happening there?

aleta says:

thats about it other than the worms in the pantry which i think we got rid of

aleta says:

they were moth larvae, tons of moths around here . sprayed real good and keep the doors closed with duck tape

aleta  says:

i sure thought this house was the perfect place when i saw that doggy door

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Sorry!  It has taken me so long to get a posting up! But I have a good excuse. ahem.  I have had quite a lot of difficulty with my computer; hopefully I have “fixed” the problem or rather muddled through fixing the problem. It would lock up, (it still may) sometimes  turning itself off and even sometimes restart all by itself. I was beginning to think that I had a ghost in this RV!  Well hopefully I have it fixed now! Do you know how frustrating it is trying to do something on the computer and have it suddenly do one of the fore mentioned things? I think I pulled out half of my hair!  

On the way from Washington (State) seeing  Susan; we made a layover in Sioux City, SD; where we changed our state of residence from Texas to South Dakota. We (John & I) took the tests and received our new SD driver licenses on the spot; (amazing short lines to wait in) new licenses plates & tags for the RV and the car (which we call our Toad – short for “towed vehicle”) of course this took longer to receive as they had to get the paperwork from the loan companies for the titles on said vehicles.

In Wisconsin we spent a week seeing my younger sister. Had a really nice time and was sorry that we had to move on; but the open road was calling; we had places to go; things to see and a date set to be in Ohio by a certain day. We traveled on to Michigan; while in Michigan visiting at Hank’s house (John’s brother) we were parked on a cement slab that was next to his house. This gave us a good view of the street in front of his house (got to watch everyone that came and went on that street) and the field across the street. This field was the pasture for ponies, a mule and lots of sheep. I would wake up early and wonder out to the front window in the couch, sit in the passenger seat and drink my coffee and look out the window at this scene. It is very relaxing watching this everyday event taking place. I enjoyed it very much and miss it now. farm-animals-at-hanks.jpg We had time to visit this wonderful place  Ford’s Greenfield Village with John’s sister. We rode on the model A’s or T’s or whatever they were. patti-in-greenfield-village.jpgyeah, that’s me in the red; also got a ride in the horse drawn carriage. horse-buggy-ride.jpg We had a wonderful time while we were there! There was all kinds of things to see; way to much to see in a single day; old type villages; farms; museums of just about anything you could want to see;

We examined a round house train station where the trains were repaired in the days of yester-year.train-engine-in-rd-house.jpg

train-engine-in-rd-house2.jpgIt was a wonderful day.

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I have been trying to get this to publish since Monday – so far it keeps giving me a time out error. So I will split it in have and try that! 


7/15   Continuing with my story about the Roosevelt Park:

We (John & I) stopped at one of the camp grounds where we discovered the trail head for Little Mo Trail. It was 1.1 miles long, with .7 of that length, paved for the use of wheelchair bound tourists.

Even though it was hotter then hell out there, I started out behind my trail beater. It was easy going – for awhile, the trail wound in and out around the brush, with numbered posts referring back to the pamphlet that we picked up from the way station holder – anyway it told what was what on the trail.

After a while, we came to a high overlook, looking down and out we could see the river below us; it was a wide stream lazily flowing along. It was quiet there and peaceful with no one around for miles, or so it seemed!

Finally the trail split, the easy going one, turning and heading back to the parking lot, the other turned into a very narrow, grass matted path leading up, up and over a hill.

I decided that I would go back to the car, while my macho man went out into the wild blue golden yonder!

Well, I hadn’t gone very far, when I heard John call to me; I couldn’t understand what he was saying, finally I heard “come”.  


So being the adventurous soul that I am – ha – I reluctantly turned around and back tracked to that skinny trail, and can you believe it! It had even gotten skinner. some how!

So up I climbed, up to the top of that hill, huffing and puffing my way along! Now why was I doing this! Oh, I remember – to have fun! Yes that’s it having fun! 

John pointed down to the river, pointing out bison crossing the river, quite away’s away. No sweat they were along ways away! Wow, those suckers were huge, even at such a distance I could see that!

Bison Roosevelt National Park North Unit Roosevelt National Park North Unit 037

John pointed down to the path that I had been on – to a double set of paths, vehicle trail I guess, Roosevelt National Park North Unit 054

which crossed the path that I had just left. So looking further along that vehicle trail, I see! What! Oh no! Big, huge, shaggy things! Bison, bison were coming up the trail toward my trail!

While I was taking some pictures, they snuck up on me, and with the sun shining in my eyes it was hard to see if I even got them center by the camera eye.

 What! how did they cover that much ground!  And those things were moving fast! It was time to get a move on – get up higher on the trail. I would be safe up there!

More pictures taken, more miles of trail behind me, then I noticed piles of poop on the trail – what Bison poop! How did they get up here?

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 135

To be continued….. 

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