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who knows

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, who knows what this new day will bring; what new adventure! With that in mind, I completed my morning routine and then wondered out into the kitchen to start my day.

With that vitalizing thought, I decided to take a little stroll in the great outdoors. I retrieved the trash can from under the kitchen sink, tied up the bag and then bravely stepped out of the RV. This being a new park to me, I had no idea what awaited me out there. I get lost easily so I do not venture very far from the rig on my first time out. I get braver with each trip out. Some of these parks can be huge.

So I step out and am greeted by this strange air that I could see. I thought for a moment that I had been transported back in time to Fontana, California where I spent my teenage years; where we could also see the air, only then it was black and smelled strange, unpleasant and was called smog. The air was cool, but not cold – just the way I liked it!

The air this morning was white and very wet, it smelled good, full of the hint of rain, full of water, (fog I do believe) tiny drops that landed on me as I followed the lane/roadway to the large green trash dumpster that all RV parks have scattered throughout their parks. The sky was overcast holding the promise of rain soon to fall

On the way, I took time to enjoy the trip. The trees! Their color had finally started changing here in North Caroline, and was giving a good show. So much of the East has been dry this year; to dry for mother nature to put on her wonderful fall coat; covering the trees and other plants of the areas in glorious color. That was the reason given for the lack of the beautiful reds, golds & oranges of the fall leaves, by the residents of the areas that we have been traveling through, anyway’s.

I stopped to gather a few leaves, a handful of gold & red treasures that I would put in my three inch thick RV Camping site guide book to dry, so I could enjoy them during a less fun time of the year.

I looked up and saw the beautiful colorful trees and wondered how I could possibly have forgotten what the names of these trees were. Oh, I know a maple, a oak, but the rest have become just a lost memory. I must get a book on trees, or maybe the Internet has that information stored somewhere – does anyone out there know a web site for such?

No one was up and about, or at least not outside, it was quiet and peaceful on my stroll, no dog barking, no vehicles moving, I enjoyed it tremendously! No wonder John likes to take his walk so early in the morning! He’s a smart man! What a great way to start my day!

Now if I am lucky I will be able to go back there and get a picture of a couple of those beautiful trees that will do them justice! 

Misc 032  Tree leaves

Well, just as I suspected, it was to overcast to benefit from the sunlight brightening the trees, but it sure was pretty out there.

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Yes, I am back – after what seems like months!  I am back to try to blog once again, after having my keyboard die. I think that that(dying) might have had something to do with dumping a cup a few drops of coffee on it. Now armed with a new cheap plug in type keyboard (actually I like this one better then the old wireless one – that gave me problems right from the beginning), I am ready to try once again!

I usually IM with my sister a lot; and since the keyboard died she has been whining and whining about me being to cheap frugal to go and get a new one!

Well, in defense of myself, I had to see if I could magically fix this old one (this maneuver consisted of staring at it, cussing it, sweet talking to it, blowing canned air into it) this went on until my sweet husband took me down to Staples where we bought a new keyboard! (actually he got tired of hearing me complain about the darn broken one)

I have found out that I can get a heck of a lot more “things” accomplished without the computer being so readily accessible! I couldn’t log on to any program (no keyboard) (I could play some limited games) all I could use was the IM – that is if I used the pen writing tool – using the mouse to write with is a real challenge – yes I did that for a while, (I had to do something to shut up the whiner) no wonder that little kids make such scrawling marks as they learn to use a pencil.

While I have been computerless so to speak, I have gone through books like they are candy – yes I am a very fast reader – and no I won’t remember what the story was about next week if you ask me about it, but I will remember the story if I try to read it again!

I even did a few housecleaning chores that I have been putting off; defrosted the freezer section of the frig, spot cleaned the carpet, re-arranged everything in some of my cupboards and closets; this has to be done frequently in a moving house like I live in; things have a way of moving around when we make a harder stop or go around a corner on two wheels – well it feels like two wheels sometimes, but with a vehicle 36 feet long that probably would be a great accomplishment. Oh oh, I can just feel John getting irritated at that remark. Hee Hee Love that man!

Well speaking of John, he just asked me if I want to go and gather some black walnuts with him so I will post this now – I am off to the great out doors!

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Sorry!  It has taken me so long to get a posting up! But I have a good excuse. ahem.  I have had quite a lot of difficulty with my computer; hopefully I have “fixed” the problem or rather muddled through fixing the problem. It would lock up, (it still may) sometimes  turning itself off and even sometimes restart all by itself. I was beginning to think that I had a ghost in this RV!  Well hopefully I have it fixed now! Do you know how frustrating it is trying to do something on the computer and have it suddenly do one of the fore mentioned things? I think I pulled out half of my hair!  

On the way from Washington (State) seeing  Susan; we made a layover in Sioux City, SD; where we changed our state of residence from Texas to South Dakota. We (John & I) took the tests and received our new SD driver licenses on the spot; (amazing short lines to wait in) new licenses plates & tags for the RV and the car (which we call our Toad – short for “towed vehicle”) of course this took longer to receive as they had to get the paperwork from the loan companies for the titles on said vehicles.

In Wisconsin we spent a week seeing my younger sister. Had a really nice time and was sorry that we had to move on; but the open road was calling; we had places to go; things to see and a date set to be in Ohio by a certain day. We traveled on to Michigan; while in Michigan visiting at Hank’s house (John’s brother) we were parked on a cement slab that was next to his house. This gave us a good view of the street in front of his house (got to watch everyone that came and went on that street) and the field across the street. This field was the pasture for ponies, a mule and lots of sheep. I would wake up early and wonder out to the front window in the couch, sit in the passenger seat and drink my coffee and look out the window at this scene. It is very relaxing watching this everyday event taking place. I enjoyed it very much and miss it now. farm-animals-at-hanks.jpg We had time to visit this wonderful place  Ford’s Greenfield Village with John’s sister. We rode on the model A’s or T’s or whatever they were. patti-in-greenfield-village.jpgyeah, that’s me in the red; also got a ride in the horse drawn carriage. horse-buggy-ride.jpg We had a wonderful time while we were there! There was all kinds of things to see; way to much to see in a single day; old type villages; farms; museums of just about anything you could want to see;

We examined a round house train station where the trains were repaired in the days of yester-year.train-engine-in-rd-house.jpg

train-engine-in-rd-house2.jpgIt was a wonderful day.

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Rant Meme #1

You’re supposed to tag five other people who will be annoyed that you tagged them, but I honestly can only think of four people to tag.

Gawilli at  Back in the Day

Jay at Cynical Bastard

Kelli at Circus Kelli

Mrs Darling at Dishpan Dribble

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.

1. Cancer – My sister is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer and just yesterday, my niece’s  14 month old baby – Abby went to dance and sing with the angels in heaven.
2. Trash mail –  It comes from who knows where and ends up in the trash and now they are going to be charging a dollar for each and every name that you want to add to the “don’t receive mail from” list.

3. Clutter – it grows everywhere and is almost impossible to eliminate,  the more you remove it the more that takes its place. It clings to some people until they come into my rig and then it falls off! And of course none of it is mine! Ha Ha
4.  Heat –  Real hot weather   I hate to be so hot that I would like to run around naked but that would cause a riot and extreme sunburn.

3 things that people do that make you want to shake them violently.

1.  Light cigarettes and smoke them among other people; having little or no regard to what their cast off smoke must be doing to the other people around them.

2.  Moving/sliding in front of me (or trying to) when I am trying to see something in front. (I am short so-) 
3. Weaving back and forth in traffic, sometimes tailing so close that one might think they were trying to get a sniff.

2 things you find yourself moaning about.

1.  That a very young child (see #1 above ) has to suffer so much. Where is this kind, forgiving, Father that the masses talk about that this can let or cause such a thing to happen to one so innocent?

2.  That our rig/RV gets so cluttered. I keep saying that I need to find a place for every thing and try to keep everything there!

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself.

That I have nothing new to complain about except for GOD and his mysterious ways. I have known all this other stuff since time began!

RULES• This from Lynne – and so I am passing it on! (I was supposed to link to the original meme, but that link kept locking up my computer and the first time I wrote this entry I lost it all because I tried to link to the original. So, I am NOT going to do that in case it locks up your computer too.)
• Be as honest as possible so people get to know the real you!
• Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
• Post these rules at the end of every meme.

So that it! That’s my Rant Meme.

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  Crazy Horse crop 154  The Memorial is a mountain-sized statue of an Indian man and warhorse that’s as long as a cruise ship and taller than a 60 story skyscraper.

     Korczak Ziolkowski  Borchof 

He began the creation of the world’s largest sculpture on June 3, 1948. The effort continues today through the efforts of his widow and their ten children. 


Crazy Horse Crop 157 This statue was created by   Korczak as he imagined the finished memorial to be. 


Mt Rushmore crop 149  

 It is  a ongoing project that will take many years to finish.


 Korczak Ziolkowski was asked by the Lakota Indian Chiefs to build a monument that would stand for all Indian Nations of North America. He accepted this tribute and the monument was started.

He met and married his wife, Ruth during his work on the memorial. They had ten children while working on the monument.  

He died before the huge project could be completed. After his premature death, the project has been carried on by his wife and children. The children were using the huge jack hammers before they were able to handle them alone;  taking two kids to operate the large powerful tools.

The grounds contain a large museum dedicated to Indian artifacts, and educating the public of the life and history of the Indian Nations.

There is plenty of food areas, in the form of a restaurant and snack bars, and free coffee is always available.

There are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs.  Tables have been set up to display many fine and well-made Indian products, leather goods, jewelry made from fine gems and other substances; books written by the people that have lived there.

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Round & About

We are currently staying at Rushmore Shadows Resort, a RV Park located in the southwestern part of South Dakota. We are staying in this park as this part of the state has great features for the entertainment of all; we plan to see a lot of it!

Right next door to us is a place called McDonalds Farm. It appears to be a petting zoo of sorts. We have not gone there, so I can’t tell for sure.

 A couple of miles down the road is Bear Country, a wild animal zoo through which you drive your vehicle. 

Driving a few more miles will take you to a huge Reptile House, Mt. Rushmore National Monument, Chief Crazy Horse Monument, Custer National Park, National Museum of Woodcarving, just to name a few of the sights in this area.

I will be telling you about several of them in the future posts- maybe!

Digital cameras are great as I have no control and snap anything that catches my eye. Now I have the monumental task of choosing which ones to keep. The photos will be in the other articles I write about. Now look at the post beneath this one to read about Mt Rushmore.

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Before you read this post read “Bison in the Park” in the prior posting.  I had to split the post to get it to publish.

I was looking at at least three large bulls, several females and even some babies.  Those bulls, were staying between John & myself and those females and babies. 

They didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere’s near them! But I sure was worried about where they planned on going!



Finally, they moved past us, that is after they climbed that hill that we had been on and then went down some where and moved down that trail I had been on. They crossed the parking lot, moved out into the street and blocked a car that had stopped for them. I am sure glad that I wasn’t in that car, they were very close to it! And they looked like they might have a head to head talk with that car! But finally they moved on across the road and out of sight. We sure are having fun! Gulp!

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I have been trying to get this to publish since Monday – so far it keeps giving me a time out error. So I will split it in have and try that! 


7/15   Continuing with my story about the Roosevelt Park:

We (John & I) stopped at one of the camp grounds where we discovered the trail head for Little Mo Trail. It was 1.1 miles long, with .7 of that length, paved for the use of wheelchair bound tourists.

Even though it was hotter then hell out there, I started out behind my trail beater. It was easy going – for awhile, the trail wound in and out around the brush, with numbered posts referring back to the pamphlet that we picked up from the way station holder – anyway it told what was what on the trail.

After a while, we came to a high overlook, looking down and out we could see the river below us; it was a wide stream lazily flowing along. It was quiet there and peaceful with no one around for miles, or so it seemed!

Finally the trail split, the easy going one, turning and heading back to the parking lot, the other turned into a very narrow, grass matted path leading up, up and over a hill.

I decided that I would go back to the car, while my macho man went out into the wild blue golden yonder!

Well, I hadn’t gone very far, when I heard John call to me; I couldn’t understand what he was saying, finally I heard “come”.  


So being the adventurous soul that I am – ha – I reluctantly turned around and back tracked to that skinny trail, and can you believe it! It had even gotten skinner. some how!

So up I climbed, up to the top of that hill, huffing and puffing my way along! Now why was I doing this! Oh, I remember – to have fun! Yes that’s it having fun! 

John pointed down to the river, pointing out bison crossing the river, quite away’s away. No sweat they were along ways away! Wow, those suckers were huge, even at such a distance I could see that!

Bison Roosevelt National Park North Unit Roosevelt National Park North Unit 037

John pointed down to the path that I had been on – to a double set of paths, vehicle trail I guess, Roosevelt National Park North Unit 054

which crossed the path that I had just left. So looking further along that vehicle trail, I see! What! Oh no! Big, huge, shaggy things! Bison, bison were coming up the trail toward my trail!

While I was taking some pictures, they snuck up on me, and with the sun shining in my eyes it was hard to see if I even got them center by the camera eye.

 What! how did they cover that much ground!  And those things were moving fast! It was time to get a move on – get up higher on the trail. I would be safe up there!

More pictures taken, more miles of trail behind me, then I noticed piles of poop on the trail – what Bison poop! How did they get up here?

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 135

To be continued….. 

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    7/15   Today we drove into Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is divided up into 2 parks; a north unit and a south unit. Today we toured the northern unit. This park is located in the western part of North Dakota; in the wilderness of the badlands.

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 005 Roosevelt National Park North Unit 006

Roosevelt first came to the badlands in Sept. 1883. Before returning home to New York he became interested in the cattle business and  joined two other men as partners in the Maltese Cross Ranch. 

The next year he returned and established a second open-range ranch, the Elkhorn, as his own operation while continuing as a Maltese Cross partner.

The Elkhorn became his principal residence, a place where he could lead the “strenuous life: that he loved. Here he sharpened and refined his interests in nature and conservation.

Conservation increasingly became one of his major concerns.

When he became President in 1901, he established the U.S. Forest Service and by signing the 1905 Antiquities Act under which he proclaimed 18 national monuments. He also got Congressional approval for the establishment of five national parks and 51 wildlife refuges and set aside land as national forests.

Roosevelt is remembered with a national park that honors the memory of this great conservationist.

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 024 Roosevelt National Park North Unit 036 Tomorrow, I will tell you about the exciting experience that we had while taking a walk on one of the many trails in the area.

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Over the last couple of weeks,  we continued our travels from Leavenworth, Washington on SR 2 staying for four days in a RV Park at the outskirts of Glacier National Park. We made day trips up into the mountains into the Park.

Glacier National Monument 279 This is a view of the side of our RV looking out toward the mountains. These mountains are  the little ones!

It was truly beautiful to behold the mountains, streams, and lakes in the region; just breath taking! Especially going around the curves on that skinny road, where it seemed that we hung out over the valley below. Glacier National Monument 168 If you look closely, you can see the road, those are red tour vehicles ahead of us going around the curve.

Glacier National Monument 113 This is a shot of the glaciers! Surprisingly,  it was not cold here! It was hard capturing good shots of the glaciers due to the whiteness of the ice fields and the haziness of the sky.  I had a really hard time getting as many good photos as I wanted, I finally climbed into the back seat of the car so I could dart from side to side of the car to take the pictures. There were just so many vistas crying out to have their picture taken!

 Glacier National Monument 082 Glacier National Monument 267  Glacier National Monument 052 If you look closely at the mountain side – about the middle on the left side you will see  a white blot. Glacier National Monument 132

Now look at the enlargement. It reveals two mountain goats that crossed the road and climbed up the face of the mountain side – all within the blink of your eye!Glacier National Monument Mtn GoatCropped

We took a short hike down the side of the mountain to a fast moving creek/stream to see this water falls.  Crossing this foot bridge in the process. Glacier National Monument 046  Glacier National Monument 044 At a distance that little bridge looked like it was only a 2×4 board across the middle support; but in reality it was five 2x4s wide. and the water was deeper than it looks from the photo.

We had a wonderful time and if you have a chance to go to this park;  I highly recommend it.

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