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I have had more trouble with my computer since I started blogging then all of the years before. This time I couldn’t get into my computer due to a new wireless keyboard and mouse. They both just quite working!  I was having fits! I think it was Shaun’s fault; he must have put a hex on me. Yep I just know that he did! Well the Feisty  Redhead (my granddaughter) was here for a few days. I think she left her cell phone to close to the wireless keyboard/mouse receiver and some how the wireless waves got mixed up and upset everything; after leaving the receiver on the floor well away from everything it straightened itself out and we are back in business again. So I didn’t miss many days of posting! Mimi went home today and left her older sister (The lovely blond) in her place. Now this one is telling me what to do! She has this book “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer that she insists that I read! She wouldn’t even give me a brief on the book; she sure is bossy!

All of us; their mama (Sue), grandpa & myself and the two monsters in disguise went for a hike up the mountain this afternoon! What a beautiful view! I made some sandwiches and grandpa carried them in his day pack. We had a little picnic at the top of the ridge. It was awl-inspiring up there. The mountains were so close, walking across the sky, with some of them snow covered & all of them forested with pine; wild flowers were in abundance, the air was rich with the fresh air scent of pine & wild flowers and even the needles and moss underfoot. We were following a well worn path winding its way to the top of the ridge where a American flag, a wooden scenic overview, and a couple of picnic table waited for us. There  also was a surprise waiting for us up in a couple of trees.

Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 089 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 082 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 034 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 037

What do you think?Want to take a walk on the high side!

It was a wonderful afternoon! Then all to soon Sue and Mimi had to leave for home; leaving KT to show me a thing or two on the computer, my camera and how to feed my NeoPet! Yes I have one via Mimi!

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Hanging Mailboxes

The other day, John and I were out riding  the back roads of the very rural areas of Plain & Leavenworth, WA. The roads were paved, but quite narrow with just enough room for another vehicle to pass; along each side of the road was a  shallow ditch.

After a bit, we noticed that all of the mail boxes & newspaper holders were all either made of some very solid base/structure or hanging from some sort of contraption which extended quite far out into the  road. Now this looked quite odd to us city folk!

Finally, we seen a farmer in the process of getting mail from his box. Intrigued,  we just had to stop and satisfy our curiosity about the boxes.  From him we learned that during the winter months when the snow plows travel these roads “quote: “about 50mph” unquote” They are constantly hitting the boxes and sending them flying. The folks got tired of the damage caused from this action and took to putting the boxes on chains in hopes that the boxes would remain in their yards!  There seems to be a endless variety of arrangements for the mail box hangers.  Some were quite unique.

Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 077 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 074 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 072 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 062

We also noticed that several of the ones that were hanging as a single or double box set were hanging topsy tursey. Since it had been weeks since the last snow plow roamed the roadsides we figured that  some one with not enough to do had came along and wacked them with something. There always are troublesome people up to mischief.

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Deer in the Park

A short while ago I happened to glance outside and there before me came wondering into our camp site two growing fawns. Was I ever surprised! What with the activity around here, I wouldn’t have expected them to be anywhere near. I did enjoy seeing them.

 Deer in Leavonworth RV Park 003Deer in Leavonworth RV Park 004 I just barely captured their likeness! Seeing them all ways gives me a good feeling; closer to nature or some such thing. I know that they can be a big pest in the not so rural areas. My niece calls them wood rats.

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A Picture story of the market, but I still couldn’t do it justice. June 21, 2007 226This is the pig seat that was located at the end of journey through the market. June 21, 2007 219 The gal with the red jacket hanging over her bottom is Susan. June 21, 2007 208 Sorry but some of the pictures are not real clear! But you will get the idea! June 21, 2007 210John/Dad/GrandpaCopy of June 21, 2007 200 The Fish (I hate fish)Copy of June 21, 2007 189 Copy of June 21, 2007 185

The Girls= Miss Mimi! Miss KTJune 21, 2007 211 Sue & her papaJune 21, 2007 217

Outside the market in the street- no traffic allowed.

Copy of June 21, 2007 201 SeafoodCopy of June 21, 2007 199 Wonderful Fruit & Veggies

June 21, 2007 119 Spices/HerbsCopy of June 21, 2007 202 more of the sameJune 21, 2007 182

Beautiful Pig covered with painting of veg/fruit 

June 21, 2007 178

 A little painting that caught my eyeJune 21, 2007 199 June 21, 2007 120 My attic!  HAHAJune 21, 2007 205 Pasta!June 21, 2007 203

June 21, 2007 206 Cheeses

June 21, 2007 208 Flowers for your pleasure!

June 21, 2007 213 Tops/skirtsJune 21, 2007 214 OK, This is a real person, but I think that is a hat! but I am not sure!June 21, 2007 215 Really Raw Honey- they said soJune 21, 2007 218 The baby- MimiJune 21, 2007 221 Shaun & Susan. Sue was thinking about the trip out of Seattle. She loves the hills so!!!!

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Music Music Music

A couple of weeks ago my dear grand-daughters  had the opportunity to participate in a spectacular performance presented by their school orchestra. One plays the violin and the other the viola. My pictures are not that good as I still have not caught the knack of using my new camera, but I try and I am learning more all of the time!  This is Kt. She is a long ways off and my camera just could not do her justice! June 21, 2007 056 This Mimi just to the left of the conductor’s left shoulder and KT just to the right of his right shoulder. This photo was taken at a zoom 10x.  I am sure that I moved the camera. kt playing her viola. cropped jpgKt

Mimi with violin Mimi

 June 21, 2007 048 This is their proud mama!

June 21, 2007 076 These are their proud papa and grandpa!  If you look close you can see me taking the picture!  no! I really enjoyed the whole performance. It was a fun evening. June 21, 2007 091 These two girls each started their career with musical instruments when they were in the 4th grade, having to get up earlier then their classmates; catch a school bus near their house which  took them to the middle school for the music lessons, attended  their class before school started and then rode another bus back to their elementary school. Now I call that dedication!!! Both of these girls have voices that would get them into any choir, but they chose the instrument! I love to hear them play and sing, but they won’t do either very often without the group behind them. Darn them anyway. See more about them at Sue’s Blog.

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poor-old-stove2.jpgYesterday, Susan (dtr) and I went store hopping. First we went to Costco Home Store, then to Sears, then to Lowe’s. We looked at a wide variety of cooking stoves.Susan has needed to replace her stove since before the dawn of the century. She loves keeping old things! She presently has an electric range that is about fifty years old with only two of the four burners still working, and the oven door creaks when it is opened, sounds like Halloween has come around again! It sounds like it is in pain, it probably is! And the storage compartment; the door hangs sort of lopsided with rust gathering in the floor of the drawer. I tried to get her to shoot it and put it out of its misery, but alas she just loves the poor thing to much. But now that she is down to two working burners, the third one developing a short or some sort of thing; it has become a fire hazard and she has finally accepted the fact that she has to replace it! Finally, I think! 

 I had Sue take this picture and email it to me. Now that was a mistake. She propped up the storage door! and I don’t know what else! 

 Sorry but I could not get this darn picture to upload until today; something to do with the Hughes Internet Sat. and the weather.

We looked at gas stoves and electric stoves. Sears seems to have the best selection. We discovered that it will cost pennies lacking three hundred dollars to have a gas line put in for the first 25 feet then eight nine dollars per 25 ft after that. Prices vary from about $250 upwards of $2500. There are some really nice  ones to chose from. Now she has to make a big decision whether gas or electric and take the big step to order it!

Now I need all of you out there in blog land to help me make sure she gets a replacement for this old thing soon! Since I will be leaving the area this week I will not be able to give her my full support of nagging; so of course I need your help! So now come on all of you tell her to get a new stove!

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A few weeks ago, I was busily picking up “things” that had wondered away from their normal resting places and returning them to their homes. One of these items was John’s camera that I had been using (I think) anyways, I placed it on top of my stack of stuff, carrying it past the bathroom door, when wham it landed on it’s nose (lens). Guility I quickly scooped it up, brushed it off and with a sigh of relief quickly placed it in its proper resting place. Forgetting about it, I was off after some more clutter. when noting that there was a little thingee lying on the floor in front of the bathroom door, after closer observation I noticed that it looked like something from that darn camera, so I went to investigate, sure enough, it fit over the lens area, no harm , all better, right, back I go    and again find something on the floor by the bathroom, and again find another piece, but this one won’t go on the camera, what to do!  Finially, I humblely confess to that husband of mine, that I had broken his camera, (it was a accident of course)!  And since he is such a wonderful man he wasn’t even mad! 

A few weeks later we went looking for a camera   one for him and one for me. We followed our son-in-law’s advise and went to Camera West and there I found the camera that I wanted, a easy to operate one with a long Zoom lens. No SLR for me, thank you very much! I need the auto focus! So now I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, it is perfect, has a 10x optical zoom and lots of other what nots  that eventually I will check into. It takes great pictures! and after a while of looking John ended up with the same camera, at least my camera case is different then his. I got mine from Camera West and I bought his from Costco! I get free lessons with mine and since I have enough tickets I let him come along also, maybe between the two of us, we will learn something useful. Even the very knowledgeable, Shaun, says: the camera is a good one! 

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On Saturday, John and I, along with fourteen other people took a (advertised) 1 ½ mile tour of Hollywood, CA. The tour wasn’t of the movie stars homes, or of the studies, it was of the general area; the city proper. It was a great tour!  

Though the advertised distance of the tour was misleading as my pedometer showed the distance to be 4.6 miles instead of the 1 ½ miles advertised in the literature. It gave me a chance to have a little fun with our guide (Jack).  I had a great time harassing him about the distance we walked; he in turn kept telling me that our train was traveling at least 80 mph; whereas anyone that had ridden in a car would know that we were, maybe, traveling at 45 – 50 mph. Jack is also one of the RVer’s in the park. 

At 6:53 am, we boarded the Metrolink Train at a small station (Acton) which is about four miles from the RV Park that we are staying at. We rode the short train (three- four cars & an engine) into town; a trip of an hour and a half. We arrived at Los Angeles Union Station at 8:20 am. From there we walked over to “The Pantry” for breakfast. 


This is a famous cafe that actors/actresses have been know to hang out in.  Why I don’t know, I sure wasn’t impressed. It appeared to be a dive to me. The food was mediocre, though it was served in hugged amounts. But for whatever reason, it attracted huge crowds, we had to wait in a long line that went half way around the building, and before we was admitted it was even longer.

 A short walk later we boarded the Red Line Bus line at 7th & Figueroa arriving at the famous corner of Hollywood & Vine. We then walked the Walk of the Stars; seen lots of names of famous people from all of the arts, film, theater, radio, music stars.


It was fantastic, seeing all of the names set in the stars, some names I didn’t recognize, sammy-star-cropped.jpg

but knew many of the old time names. It sure brought back memories of days long gone! 

We visited the Hollywood/Highland Subway complex, Renaissance Hotel, Kodak Theater, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Roosevelt Hotel, El Capitan Theater, Spent quite a lot of time at the Farmer’s Market & The Grove, lots of shops & stores there.

Some of the buildings were just seen from the outside, some we went in and just stared in amazement; just beautiful. Anyways, I couldn’t tell in what order that we did what! But it was great fun!   

 I have lived in Southern Ca for 40 years and just found out this month that LA has a subway system.  It is a beautiful area, a very large underground area, which had several levels. subway-cropped.jpgThis This is a mural on the wall in the Hollywood/Highland Subway complex. The photo dosen’t do it justice! 

 Good thing we had a guide, I would have been lost within seconds of getting off of the train. So off we go again, get off, catch a bus, see something, then back to the bus, back to the subway, catch another bus    etc  this is how the tour went. I felt like a sheep following the goat!  

We found lunch at the Farmer’s Market, John had alligator; he said it was good. It was deep fried in little pieces like chicken pieces. He tried his best to get me to eat some of it; but my rule is I eat nothing but lobster from the water, and very little of that! I strongly dislike all life from the sea! I was happy with my side order of beans and rice; with a piece of corn bread!  

We were running out of time and so had to hurry to the subway station, ride it to the bus stop where we caught the bus from hell. This bus was driven by a young lady that for some reason thought that she was a hotrod driver and the bus was her hotrod. She would stomp on the gas, we would shoot forward, go like a bat out of hell, until she got to her next top, swerve over to the curb, slam on the brakes, throwing all of the passengers forward, passengers would load and unload and then off we would shoot again. Finially we got off of the bus, our guide told us that she didn’t take the normal routine, so we had to walk a extra few blocks to the Union Station.

After another hour and a half we arrived back at the Action station and our vehicles. It was 7:20 pm. It was a wonderful day!

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       I had gone to one of the swap meets at the last park where we stayed and a lady was selling these table covers. They appeared very easy to make – so I decided that I would keep myself busy and also make a little money at the same time by making and selling these covers.  

       This week I cut out covers for small & medium size tables for use outside.  These tables usually sit between lawn chairs outside RV’s and fifth wheels in  the RV parks and are very popular.  

That said:

This is how my day went yesterday! I was IMing with my sister. 

I have cut out most of her comments from this dialog! 

I am having a hell of a time!

And it isn’t a hell of a good time

Well! I was planning on sewing up my table covers!

I have 3 small ones and 1 medium one cut out.

I got out the sewing machine.

Then couldn’t remember how to use the dam thing;

Sewing Machine that I hadn’t used that often

Couldn’t remember how to use the spool winder, 

couldn’t even find it on the machine!

Then i had to find the instruction manual,

finally found that! 

Found the instructions for the winder;

wound up a spool of thread.

did it wrong  

had to cut all of the thread off of the spool

finally did it right

had to thread the needle

couldn’t see a hole in the needle

let alone stick a thread through it

A lady came over and plopped her butt down in front of me,

John had invited her over,

I kept thinking thoughts to her   

go home!    go home!

finally I went in for water and a pee –

went back out there  woman still there

tried to find  the hole in needle again

still can’t see it

woman finally left

John then took over and threaded the hole

he did it backwards

he had to do it again,

thread needed to go in the other direction

I am having a hell of a time

But! i did get the laundry hung upI can see that this project might take me a while:

Sister: do you have one of those little metal threaders?

Me: yes, but have you ever tried to stick one of those wires in a piece of wire (needle) that is just a little bigger then it (threader) is,

then you see two needles almost on top of each other instead of just one,  

knowing that there is a hole in it and not sure which way the hole is 

front to back or side to side

anyway I still can’t see a  hole in it,

but I know it is there cause,

i see a thread  going through the needle


IM from my sister     🙂

 are you sure it is going through the needle ?  i would hate for you to think you are sewing something and get almost finished and find out there is no thread in it   

john sewed a little with it  

so I know it is making a seam, 

I just can’t see the thread in the material,

but since it is sticking together, it must be there (the seam)

I guess i will just have to sew with the machine more often,

so I will remember what the heck I am doing

and I must get my eyes checked, again

well I am doing it outside on the picnic table,

lots of sun light, and fresh air


— someone might hear me

It’s bad enough that my hair is sticking out all over 

from my pulling at it in frustration 


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Wilderness RV Park

I’m setting this to auto post on Wed. as we will be on the road during part of the day and busy setting up and meeting our neighbors during the rest of the day.


Tuesday: As I sat in front of my computer, (which is next to the window); I seen a little bird land on the arm of our awning. It is very colorful, so pretty! Of course, I didn’t have the camera handy. Quietly, I got up and went after the camera, but with my movement it flew off.  It has been back a time or two, but so far I haven’t been able to get its picture. It is very weary of my movements, just lifting the camera, sends it on its way.


We don’t have a green arena to look at in front of us, just the dirt field and cows standing in their own mud and mess; even though the cows are a ways from us we still are tormented with the odors associated with them. It is going to be, oh so good, to get away from the smell of cattle yards, and chicken sheds. On a warm day, it can be down right nauseating here. Late at night, I can hear the bawling of a cow, discontent with something, probably her udder needing attention, or maybe she is just cold.  


Behind us is one of the channels where the Mallard ducks and Canadian geese swim and carry out the affairs of their day. The air rings with their quacks, and honks and the sky is highlighted by their coming and going across the sky. I have enjoyed watching them and their antics. They are very tame, will come to you if you offer them food, which many people do here in the park. Up until a few years ago, the ducks used to lay their eggs in the tall grass that grew along the channel banks, but of course a person had to watch where she walked along the bank, and then the brats kids discovered the eggs and would throw them around causing much hate and discontent among the ducks and humans.   Then, the park personnel started to keep the grass cut, the banks were clear with no over-growth and unsafe for the ducks to feel secure laying their eggs there, so the enjoyment of seeing a nest of eggs and later on a little trail of babies following in the wake of their mother, has disappeared like so many other pleasant things from times gone past.

Occasionally, one can see a squirrel poke its head up from a hole in the ground. So far I have not seen a rabbit in this area. We had/have one right outside of our door for awhile; I haven’t seen it since I took pictures of it a while ago. I wasn’t sure if it is a squirrel or mole, I think the census from the peanut gallery is that it is a squirrel.


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