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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be a bright memory in the years to come.

Thanksgiving brings many memories; ones of childhood. My dad & mom always took us to my aunt’s house. It was a drive through the snow covered country side, sometimes the roads were covered with snow. We always arrived safely singing Christmas carols all the way. I have fond memories of spending the day at my favorite aunt Orilla’s  house. She had a large family (providing 12 cousins), also my aunt Viola and her family were there, another 5 kidos, plus the 5 from my family. So there were billions of kids of all ages there for the holidays. There was lots of laughter, screaming and yelling with any available adult grabbing a arm and telling us to quiet down and stop running. The kitchen had a table (yes, only one) it was a huge thing, it seemed to fill the whole kitchen, and it held everyone, the kids ate with the adults. Oh the memories!

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Mid-morning the other day, John asked me if I was ready to go – go where, I reply. He then reminded me of the little adventure that we had planned on taking, ie, going to gather wild black walnuts!

So we gather up some stuff; a big huge brown bag (with handles), a small pail, and a large five gallon empty paint bucket. We pile into the car and head off to the wild part of the RV park. This is a wooded area that is only used for hiking and fun. We drove down a country lane, mostly just two dirt tracks with weeds growing up the center. After a bit we came to some black things lying on the road, all smashed up. John declares that those are the walnuts.

Oh, now this is my kind of fun! I tramped through the brush, into and up the other side of the ditch (no water) to get closer to the tree, but find out that most of the nuts are in the ditch and in the road and on the other side of the road. It was like a treasure hunt. Sounds silly, but I had a lot of fun. We would drive from one tree to the next, watching for the nuts in the road to locate where the gold was! We came away with all of our containers filled.

Before: Lots of Nuts

After:   walnuts 021

Thankfully I had the forethought to wear my jeans, as the brush had lots of things to snag and cut us. John wearing shorts, had several deep scratches on his legs.

John spent part of the next day, cleaning the outer skins off of the nuts. He did this by dumping them on the ground and stomping on them, grinding them into the ground. He sure had a mess! Then he picked up the black nuts and laid them on the picnic table Then raked the ground clear of the black leftovers. The nuts that were now lying on the table sort of look like a peach pit that is black, though they were rounder then a pit. Now they have to dry so the meat inside will shrink and make it possible to get it out of the shell.

walnuts 002 walnuts 003a

To learn more about black walnuts go to my post telling about a spot of humor concerning black walnuts.

Hopefully the squirrels won’t discover the table covered with the nuts.

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Yes, I am back – after what seems like months!  I am back to try to blog once again, after having my keyboard die. I think that that(dying) might have had something to do with dumping a cup a few drops of coffee on it. Now armed with a new cheap plug in type keyboard (actually I like this one better then the old wireless one – that gave me problems right from the beginning), I am ready to try once again!

I usually IM with my sister a lot; and since the keyboard died she has been whining and whining about me being to cheap frugal to go and get a new one!

Well, in defense of myself, I had to see if I could magically fix this old one (this maneuver consisted of staring at it, cussing it, sweet talking to it, blowing canned air into it) this went on until my sweet husband took me down to Staples where we bought a new keyboard! (actually he got tired of hearing me complain about the darn broken one)

I have found out that I can get a heck of a lot more “things” accomplished without the computer being so readily accessible! I couldn’t log on to any program (no keyboard) (I could play some limited games) all I could use was the IM – that is if I used the pen writing tool – using the mouse to write with is a real challenge – yes I did that for a while, (I had to do something to shut up the whiner) no wonder that little kids make such scrawling marks as they learn to use a pencil.

While I have been computerless so to speak, I have gone through books like they are candy – yes I am a very fast reader – and no I won’t remember what the story was about next week if you ask me about it, but I will remember the story if I try to read it again!

I even did a few housecleaning chores that I have been putting off; defrosted the freezer section of the frig, spot cleaned the carpet, re-arranged everything in some of my cupboards and closets; this has to be done frequently in a moving house like I live in; things have a way of moving around when we make a harder stop or go around a corner on two wheels – well it feels like two wheels sometimes, but with a vehicle 36 feet long that probably would be a great accomplishment. Oh oh, I can just feel John getting irritated at that remark. Hee Hee Love that man!

Well speaking of John, he just asked me if I want to go and gather some black walnuts with him so I will post this now – I am off to the great out doors!

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Rant Meme #1

You’re supposed to tag five other people who will be annoyed that you tagged them, but I honestly can only think of four people to tag.

Gawilli at  Back in the Day

Jay at Cynical Bastard

Kelli at Circus Kelli

Mrs Darling at Dishpan Dribble

4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth.

1. Cancer – My sister is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer and just yesterday, my niece’s  14 month old baby – Abby went to dance and sing with the angels in heaven.
2. Trash mail –  It comes from who knows where and ends up in the trash and now they are going to be charging a dollar for each and every name that you want to add to the “don’t receive mail from” list.

3. Clutter – it grows everywhere and is almost impossible to eliminate,  the more you remove it the more that takes its place. It clings to some people until they come into my rig and then it falls off! And of course none of it is mine! Ha Ha
4.  Heat –  Real hot weather   I hate to be so hot that I would like to run around naked but that would cause a riot and extreme sunburn.

3 things that people do that make you want to shake them violently.

1.  Light cigarettes and smoke them among other people; having little or no regard to what their cast off smoke must be doing to the other people around them.

2.  Moving/sliding in front of me (or trying to) when I am trying to see something in front. (I am short so-) 
3. Weaving back and forth in traffic, sometimes tailing so close that one might think they were trying to get a sniff.

2 things you find yourself moaning about.

1.  That a very young child (see #1 above ) has to suffer so much. Where is this kind, forgiving, Father that the masses talk about that this can let or cause such a thing to happen to one so innocent?

2.  That our rig/RV gets so cluttered. I keep saying that I need to find a place for every thing and try to keep everything there!

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself.

That I have nothing new to complain about except for GOD and his mysterious ways. I have known all this other stuff since time began!

RULES• This from Lynne – and so I am passing it on! (I was supposed to link to the original meme, but that link kept locking up my computer and the first time I wrote this entry I lost it all because I tried to link to the original. So, I am NOT going to do that in case it locks up your computer too.)
• Be as honest as possible so people get to know the real you!
• Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
• Post these rules at the end of every meme.

So that it! That’s my Rant Meme.

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Susan has tagged me for this meme. Now you have to bear with me as I am new at doing this sort of thing. So here goes:

1. I love nature. It gives me a feel of calmness and enjoyment when I can be out in the trees and flowers.

2. I love the mountains. Though I was born in mostly a flat land area, I think that I would become mighty bored with the endless flatness of some parts of the country side. It feels like a challenge to my mind to see all of the ups and downs in the mountain areas and to think about how it all came about.

3. I had a gastric bypass a year ago. It was mostly to correct a hyper-gastric condition of my stomach and I was able to benefit from the weight loss side effects. I lost 45 pounds in the first few months. It sure is a hard way to lose weight!

4. The second toe on both of my feet are longer than my big toes. Its a genetic thing.

5. I dislike the artificial flavor of strawberry. Now figure this – strawberries – are ok! I just don’t like the flavoring added to anything else.

6. I’m a blond, along with one of my brothers. My parents & sisters & one brother are all dark headed. Maybe it is the English ancestry that did it. Both my mother and one of my sisters are olive skinned, and look Indian. We have a distance female relative that was Cherokee Indian.  

7. I have been blessed with being able to do the old time handicrafts such as; embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing.

8. I strongly dislike cleaning up messes, but someone has to do it! enough said!

Now I believe I am suppose to pass this meme on. Here are the lucky people: 


1. Laura of Vitamin Sea  

2. Lynne of Jersey Girl  

3.  Kt of The Amazingly, Interesting Life of Me

4.  Annie of My Life as Annie

5.  Graymama of The Beauty of Gray


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Okay, I cry Uncle!  Give me a break please– please who ever is in charge of hot– please make it go away. 

It is hotter than hell here! And it is suppose to get up to 107 today. Now when you live in a small box that adds up to be about 150 degrees or so it feels.

John and I have this ongoing thing with the air conditioning — me: the more the better — him: get use to the heat. I become incapacitated when it gets to hot; some would say I was incapacitated all of the time! But what do they know!

Yesterday, I left the air conditioner off until the thermostat read 99 then, I could not stand it any longer– I had to have some comfort.

I use to be able to tolerate the heat a lot more before menopause hit me- way back when. Now I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Now is this just me or does all of you ladies out there have this problem?

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I have had more trouble with my computer since I started blogging then all of the years before. This time I couldn’t get into my computer due to a new wireless keyboard and mouse. They both just quite working!  I was having fits! I think it was Shaun’s fault; he must have put a hex on me. Yep I just know that he did! Well the Feisty  Redhead (my granddaughter) was here for a few days. I think she left her cell phone to close to the wireless keyboard/mouse receiver and some how the wireless waves got mixed up and upset everything; after leaving the receiver on the floor well away from everything it straightened itself out and we are back in business again. So I didn’t miss many days of posting! Mimi went home today and left her older sister (The lovely blond) in her place. Now this one is telling me what to do! She has this book “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer that she insists that I read! She wouldn’t even give me a brief on the book; she sure is bossy!

All of us; their mama (Sue), grandpa & myself and the two monsters in disguise went for a hike up the mountain this afternoon! What a beautiful view! I made some sandwiches and grandpa carried them in his day pack. We had a little picnic at the top of the ridge. It was awl-inspiring up there. The mountains were so close, walking across the sky, with some of them snow covered & all of them forested with pine; wild flowers were in abundance, the air was rich with the fresh air scent of pine & wild flowers and even the needles and moss underfoot. We were following a well worn path winding its way to the top of the ridge where a American flag, a wooden scenic overview, and a couple of picnic table waited for us. There  also was a surprise waiting for us up in a couple of trees.

Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 089 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 082 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 034 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 037

What do you think?Want to take a walk on the high side!

It was a wonderful afternoon! Then all to soon Sue and Mimi had to leave for home; leaving KT to show me a thing or two on the computer, my camera and how to feed my NeoPet! Yes I have one via Mimi!

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A few weeks ago, I was busily picking up “things” that had wondered away from their normal resting places and returning them to their homes. One of these items was John’s camera that I had been using (I think) anyways, I placed it on top of my stack of stuff, carrying it past the bathroom door, when wham it landed on it’s nose (lens). Guility I quickly scooped it up, brushed it off and with a sigh of relief quickly placed it in its proper resting place. Forgetting about it, I was off after some more clutter. when noting that there was a little thingee lying on the floor in front of the bathroom door, after closer observation I noticed that it looked like something from that darn camera, so I went to investigate, sure enough, it fit over the lens area, no harm , all better, right, back I go    and again find something on the floor by the bathroom, and again find another piece, but this one won’t go on the camera, what to do!  Finially, I humblely confess to that husband of mine, that I had broken his camera, (it was a accident of course)!  And since he is such a wonderful man he wasn’t even mad! 

A few weeks later we went looking for a camera   one for him and one for me. We followed our son-in-law’s advise and went to Camera West and there I found the camera that I wanted, a easy to operate one with a long Zoom lens. No SLR for me, thank you very much! I need the auto focus! So now I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, it is perfect, has a 10x optical zoom and lots of other what nots  that eventually I will check into. It takes great pictures! and after a while of looking John ended up with the same camera, at least my camera case is different then his. I got mine from Camera West and I bought his from Costco! I get free lessons with mine and since I have enough tickets I let him come along also, maybe between the two of us, we will learn something useful. Even the very knowledgeable, Shaun, says: the camera is a good one! 

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       I had gone to one of the swap meets at the last park where we stayed and a lady was selling these table covers. They appeared very easy to make – so I decided that I would keep myself busy and also make a little money at the same time by making and selling these covers.  

       This week I cut out covers for small & medium size tables for use outside.  These tables usually sit between lawn chairs outside RV’s and fifth wheels in  the RV parks and are very popular.  

That said:

This is how my day went yesterday! I was IMing with my sister. 

I have cut out most of her comments from this dialog! 

I am having a hell of a time!

And it isn’t a hell of a good time

Well! I was planning on sewing up my table covers!

I have 3 small ones and 1 medium one cut out.

I got out the sewing machine.

Then couldn’t remember how to use the dam thing;

Sewing Machine that I hadn’t used that often

Couldn’t remember how to use the spool winder, 

couldn’t even find it on the machine!

Then i had to find the instruction manual,

finally found that! 

Found the instructions for the winder;

wound up a spool of thread.

did it wrong  

had to cut all of the thread off of the spool

finally did it right

had to thread the needle

couldn’t see a hole in the needle

let alone stick a thread through it

A lady came over and plopped her butt down in front of me,

John had invited her over,

I kept thinking thoughts to her   

go home!    go home!

finally I went in for water and a pee –

went back out there  woman still there

tried to find  the hole in needle again

still can’t see it

woman finally left

John then took over and threaded the hole

he did it backwards

he had to do it again,

thread needed to go in the other direction

I am having a hell of a time

But! i did get the laundry hung upI can see that this project might take me a while:

Sister: do you have one of those little metal threaders?

Me: yes, but have you ever tried to stick one of those wires in a piece of wire (needle) that is just a little bigger then it (threader) is,

then you see two needles almost on top of each other instead of just one,  

knowing that there is a hole in it and not sure which way the hole is 

front to back or side to side

anyway I still can’t see a  hole in it,

but I know it is there cause,

i see a thread  going through the needle


IM from my sister     🙂

 are you sure it is going through the needle ?  i would hate for you to think you are sewing something and get almost finished and find out there is no thread in it   

john sewed a little with it  

so I know it is making a seam, 

I just can’t see the thread in the material,

but since it is sticking together, it must be there (the seam)

I guess i will just have to sew with the machine more often,

so I will remember what the heck I am doing

and I must get my eyes checked, again

well I am doing it outside on the picnic table,

lots of sun light, and fresh air


— someone might hear me

It’s bad enough that my hair is sticking out all over 

from my pulling at it in frustration 


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See the size of this guy’s feet!clydedale-horses.jpg

There was several of the baby colts in this field. And several fields full of colts. clydedale-horses-breeding-ranch.jpg

While we were staying at Wilderness RV Park in Menifee, CA we were out riding one day and came across the Budwiser Clydedale breeding farm. This brought back memories from days gone bye, when I was a preteen back in the rural area of Michigan, back when most of the roads were lanes of dirt.  At least once a week, a matched team of Clydedale Horses would pass our house. They were beautiful, and so huge! I maybe wrong, but I believe that  they are the biggest horses on earth! I remember running out to the front of the house to watch them when they went by, I could hear them coming way before they got there. They had such huge feet, I think the ground shook when they took a step. They seemed to be gentle animals. I just loved them. I wished back then I had the courage that I do now and asked the driver for a ride. Oh well.

Back to the breeding farm, we stopped and I took some pictures of the baby horses. I don’t know how old they were, but couldn’t be very old, compared to how big that they get. They were very friendly! I was glad that they were behind, double fences.


This little guy wanted me to touch him and vis a vira, but he was to far away, double fences! Just think he is a little baby!

The gates were closed so we couldn’t talk to anyone.

My husband tells me that way back in the days of castles and dragons (Tee Hee) when he was the King; the Gladiators rode Clydedale horses in battle, used them when they did that jousting thing with the long poles, trying to knock each other off their mounts.  This is a link to the history of the clydedale horse. They originally came from Scotland, before the 19th century. It is quite interesting. I will let you read it yourself. http://clydesusa.com/clydesdale.htm

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