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How time does fly. Its been awhile since I last posted. The snow has all gone. The flooding that you may have heard about has mostly receded. The rain comes and goes as is normal for this time of the year, and the dark cloudy days by far out number the clear blue ones. The temperature has warmed up, now hovering in the mid-forties to high forties during the day.

About a week ago, we moved further north.  Presently, we are in a park up by Sequim, WA. Which is located on the Olympic Peninsula.  It is really nice up here. The RV sites are located in a open area surrounded with large evergreen trees. The clearing makes it nice to set up the satellite dish. The signals don’t get blocked by all of the trees that usually cause problems in most of the RV parks in Washington.

This a pretty area, still filled with lots of green trees and the ocean is just a spit away; lots to see and do around here. Wild life is rampant. So far we have seen many, many deer, one raccoon, a large road sign warning of a cougar being in the area and one thousand large black birds, probably crows or maybe raven.

The day that we arrived we were greeted with this scene across from our RV. Our neighbor was feeding the critters. They appear to be what we would call Mule deer in California.   

Sequim, WA  Deer

Since then, we have seen them everyday wondering around the park, eating grass and getting handouts from the guests of the park. I just hope that I will not catch sight of that cougar!

I believe that we will have a wonderful time while we are here. Come on over and enjoy the great outdoors with us!  





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Friday, 12/19/08    This is a copy of the Alert Notice that was delivered by one of the RV Park staff members a few hours ago (Friday afternoon). A notice personally delivered by hand to everyone in the park has a way of getting one’s attention!  At the moment, I feel a sense of uneasiness at what the notice implies.

Now, what to do! What to do!  How do you protect a RV from winds like that?  John pulled the picnic table up next to the RV, trying to protect the two little five gallon propane tanks that we use to supply heat to our rig. We use them to supplement the big tank that is housed in a compartment on the underside of our rig. Can’t you just see those little guys hurling away, and on the way to who knows where, ripping the hose out, spraying propane all about. We are setting among some trees, on the top of a foothill in the Cascade Mountains. We are hunkered down in a field of snow, not deep only a inch or two. No telling what the night will bring.

John went down the hill to get some things from the store. I declined tagging along with him, as I am fully aware that to get back here,  he has to drive up the ice/snow crusted very steep road.  When he finally got back, he said that it took him three tries to get up the hill! I am so glad I stayed home.

It has been in the high teens today, so it more then likely will get very very cold tonight.  I am looking forward with a great deal of apprehension  to what the morrow will bring. I will let you all know, if I live through the next twenty-four hours, how this story plays out. I forecast gloom and doom!

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Sad Thanksgiving

We were all snuggled down inside our RV in Tall Chief RV Resort, its a beautiful RV park near the city of Fall City, WA. We had arrived here a couple of weeks ago to be with our daughter for the holidays. The park has been serene and welcoming after traveling from the East Coast.

A couple of nights before Thanksgiving, John and I were watching TV. We would glance out the large front windows below the TV screen from time to time. (looking for ghosts in the night) It was pitch black out there.

They came from out of the darkness; a line of bright flashing lights, moving across our line of view on the way further into the park, first a ambulance, then a fire truck, a few minutes later another ambulance, another fire truck, and finally a couple of other vehicles, all with their lights flashing. The only sound was the crunch of their tires on the gravel road.

We could not imagine what could have happened. What would bring such a parade of vehicles to this lovely park? It is fairly common for an ambulance to come to these RV parks, after all, our lifestyle is common among the older generation; and with it, a death in the park is not unusual. John and I wondered aloud to each other the mystery of the large amount of emergency vehicles; then settled back in our chairs and returned to our TV program.

The next morning, John took his normal walk, returning with the news of the mystery of the night. A set of parents out there somewhere, were just starting to live through a long line of sad Thanksgivings.

The story told was that a man and his girlfriend had a spat and the lady jumped into her car and sped off into the wet, dark night at a greater speed then these pine ridden, gravel roads could handle.  A couple of days later, the tree that ended her young life was cut down. It had been damaged so badly that it had become threat to others near the road.

Who would believe that such a horrendous accident could happen in this quiet, serene park.


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Surprise Surprise!


 We continue to have trouble from time to time getting our Satellite Dish for Direct TV and Internet set and working as it should. I am at Sue’s piggybacked on her system while I attempt to put out some sort of posting.

Due to a clog in our plans to spend the night at a RV park, we had to continue down the road. (on our way to Sue’s house)

For some reason, no one was home at the park to talk to us. They just left a note to put money in envelope and park some where. We were suppose to get a discount, but since no one was available — they wanted the full price, which of course we didn’t want to give them.

We had the pleasure of being able to surprise Meghan (and the rest of the family). Meghan has been hounding us for months to hurry up and get to her house.

And surprise her we did, she sure did squeal and scream! Sue quietly let us in and send her dad in to surprise Meg. Whether our arriving early spoiled Sue’s plans, we don’t know as she very tactfully kept that to herself.

After having dinner with the family and receiving all of our hugs and kisses that had been piling up for several months, we stumbled out to the car and drove back to our RV that was parked about a half hour away. I think they were all glad to see us.


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John is not much of a night owl.  He usually goes to bed between nine and ten pm. This is a good thing as this gives me the private time that I crave. With our life style of RV living, alone time is sometimes hard to come by.  So I treasure these moments when they are available.

The other night was different though. Around ten, he says good night to me and sleepily heads for the bedroom.  A couple of hours later, I wonder off to the bedroom with thoughts of cuddling up close and giving my beloved a few hugs and kisses.

I climb into bed and scoot up next to him. Of course, he has his back to me.  So I sort of bounce move around a little on the bed. Nothing! Now how romantic is that! I don’t like being ignored; sleeping is no excuse!!

So, next,  I kind of poke him a time or two (just to get his attention you know). Finally!  he snorts, or moans or makes some kind of sound as he rolls over to face me, reaching out to pull me closer, at which time I hear that sound again, and it is much louder. I know what it was!

I immediately start to slide to my side of the bed (to make my get away), but darn I was just not fast enough.  I was overwhelmed with it, the sound loudly reverberating in my ears, the smell, enough to gag a maggot. xzxzxzx  The horror of it!  Nothing could smell that bad!  He was rotten to the core!

I pull the door shut, to try to keep “it” contained! I could hear him mumbling something like  What’s the matter? I light a candle, wondering as I do if there will be a large flash fire!  Then, I grab the bottle of room deodorant and give it a good spray to create a barrier between me and the bedroom. I close the second door and think maybe I am safe. But, I think, that I can smell “it”

I could hear him in there laughing his fool head off, while I sat in the living room planning my revenge.

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Badlands of SD

Hi Ya all,

8/16 Saturday 

After seeing Wall Drug this morning, we went for a ride out in the Badlands of SD.  If you don’t know, it is just a short distance below Wall; Highway 240 cuts through it. 

These photos were taken in the late afternoon.  The sun was still pretty high.

Badlands of SD8.08 023 640x479 You can see 240 here as it snakes through the area. 


Badlands of SD8.08 032 640x479  Here you can just see the pink layers of sediment from the long ago seas.


Badlands of SD8.08 028 640x479  This a good example of the prairie grass.  There is suppose to be in the range of 1500 bison/buffalo living in the badlands; eating this grass; but we didn’t see any (not a one) here. 

I wished our granddaughters were here. I can just see the four yr old twins running through the grass, squealing and laughing, swinging their arms about, with the two teenagers chasing after them. 


Badlands of SD8.08 033 640x479  The clouds were beautiful drifting across the sky.


Badlands of SD8.08 024 640x479  This was photo was taken at one of the many overlooks that looked down into the areas where erosion was very dramatic.

 Badlands of SD8.08 025 640x479  A large cloud darkened the scene here.    


Badlands of SD8.08 032 640x479 It is really very beautiful here. My lack of skill didn’t do justice to the color of these statuesque formations.

There are suppose to be Prairie Dogs, Black-footed Ferrets (which recently have been reintroduced to the area), Bison, Swift Fox, Big Horn Sheep, & lots of different birds. We failed to see any of these critters.

Sunday & Monday we are staying at home and resting up. You all come back for more!

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Hello Sue, Rick    and all the rest of you out there

Monday 8/18/08  Boy! I am off to a good start today! I just finished putting a load of clothes in the washing machine, its located in the toilet area of this rig.  Anyway, I was pretreating one of John’s T-shirts and darn (that looks like dam, but it isn’t) – I realized that I was using room- deodorant to treat it with. I mentioned my treatment of his shirt to John and he wanted to know if I really thought he smelled that bad! Hee Hee – I ain’ telling!

As I said in my letter. yesterday , I will now tell you about the city of Wall and its drug store. If you kids and the rest of you are ever in this area, be sure to make a side trip to visit Wall, you will not be disappointed. We enjoyed it very much.

Sat. 8/16/08  We continued our journey west just as dawn was arriving or so it seemed; oh around, 9:00am on Saturday. I am having a terrible time adjusting to this changing in time zones. It should be easier going west, but it doesn’t seem to be, at least for me. My nights are all messed up. I have trouble getting to sleep,   it seems to early to go to bed and I keep waking up during the night.  I used to be such a night owl.

Sorry about drifting off again, now back to the trip. John drove the rig while I sat in my seat with the footrest up and my seat reclined.

I was doing my job of looking pretty; and keeping him on track! Its a good thing I was sitting there when suddenly I realized he was driving past the turn. All I could do was go ah ah ah,  as he was headed for parts unknown.  We had just taken a break and were looking for the west-bound entrance to get back onto I-90   I think his mind was drifting as he drove right by the turn. We had to make a detour to get back to it. Now can you imagine turning a 36′ coach with a vehicle towed behind it, around on a narrow street! Luckily we found a business establishment that had a large parking area, which sufficed nicely. We continued down the freeway for what seemed like miles and miles,  finally coming to the city of Wall. It is located just off of I-90 in the southwestern part of SD, just above the badlands. It is a tiny tourist spot.

We walked up & down the sidewalk, in and out of stores, and found that most of these buildings were all connected inside and were all part of Wall Drug Store. Sometimes, it was very crowded, we were bumping shoulder to shoulder with people up and down both sides of the little main road. I loved every bit of it.

I took lots of pictures. 

Wall Drug Store08.08 012 640x479

It is a huge place with lots of souvenir stuff and clothing of all sorts, lots of fun stuff to look at and touch. Lots of pretend people, and animals everywhere.

We walked out the back door of one of the shops and found another part of the store, called Wall Drugs Back Yard. This part was even more fun!

 Wall Drug Store08.08 009 640x479

Wall Drug Store08.08 007 640x479

We went inside and about fainted when this creature roared at us, towering high over our heads. After watching it a bit, we found that it would sit up there in the jungle turning its head, its eyes followed our movements and then steam would blow out and it would let out this loud earth shaking roar. It was so fun, John had to drag me away, I wanted to watch it scare the people coming in.Wall Drug Store08.08 001 640x479 Wall Drug Store08.08 003 640x479

There is a large cafe where they give away lots of ice water. You just walk up to the counter and ask for it. They will even fill up your water jugs for traveling. The story goes that ice water is what made the drug store such a hopping place.

Upon entering the cafe, we noticed these people sitting in a corner. The guy in green has a gun drawn and aimed at one of the group. I think he  is one of the famous gunslinger of old times.

Wall Drug Store08.08 004 640x479

This was the theme of most of the store, but with different items for sale in the different sections of the store.

Wall Drug Store08.08 010 640x479

We had such a fun time strolling around and looking at everything. We could have spent a lot more time here, but alas I got tired, and my butt was a dragging!

Keep tuned for our excursion through the Badlands of SD!

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A Rambling Letter

Dear Susan.

(the rest of you are welcome to read on) 

So you want me to write my masterpieces like I use to write letters to your Aunt and Grandma. I don’t know if I can get “that” going again; but I will try. By “that” I mean a long rambling funny, sometimes sad/happy narrative type of letter – Sometimes the whole truth has been tweeked and sometimes I can hear you say:”that’s not how that happened”. Well, you just live with it. Now you all let me know what you think of this style of writing.

While, we were at the Winnebago RV Plant, I met a long lost Sister that I didn’t know that I had! She must be my sister, we got along so well, we had so much fun picking on each other. We laughed and laughed and picked on anyone that came close. Lots of our group – we called our group the Repair Rally – kept asking if we knew each other before arriving there. I miss my new Sister. And darn I didn’t even get a picture of her! But I have her address and phone number.

Well, after five long days, at the Winnebago RV Plant, in Iowa, we finally got all of our repairs to the RV completed. The long dented gouge to the side of the coach has been returned to pristine newness; an amazing job they did! The awning motor has been replaced and whatever else needed doing was done.

So bright and early (I think it was still dark out) on Friday morning we hit the road a running. We were very happy to get out of there. The spirit of wanderlust was pressing hard on our souls. I was shutting the coach door as our tires squealed when we roared out onto the highway.  Anyone that got in our way, must have slammed on their brakes when they seen our blue streak go by!

Later in the day, we pulled into Family-lee-Fun RV Park, just west of Mitchell, SD.  I waited in the rig while your dad checked into the park. We belong to the PassPort RV Club, they provide RV sites for 1/2 the original price to stay at a RV Park that has signed up with them. Well, when your dad came back out, steam was coming out of his ears! He said that the guy in the office was having a hissy fit – a big one.  When your dad ask him why his (the owner’s) price didn’t agree with the PassPort Price, the guy went off on him. I was so relieved when I found out that your dad didn’t beat the bloody hell out of the proprietor right then and there. I would have! You know I would have! But your dad being the nice guy that he is, took it all in stride! Pooh, now what fun is that!

Well, this has grown into a long letter, so I will save my story about Wall Drug Store for the next time. Stay Tuned.


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We left Indiana on Thursday morning, stopping for two nights along the way. Traveling is hard on my abdomen as the mesh that was inserted under my herniated area tends to rub and makes me irritable after a bit. So we took it easy and took our time stopping early in the day. We arrived here at the Winnebago Factory yesterday (Saturday).

We are having a little owie repaired; a recalled taken care of  and get some other minor things done. They have a little park on the property  next to the service complex set aside for a few RVs to hook up to electricity; so we can run everything. It is very nice of them to provide such accommodations. Of course we have to supply our own water, which is no problem. Olenberg, Indiana08 033 200x149 Olenberg, Indiana08 012 200x149  Olenberg, Indiana08 013 200x149 This is the passenger side near the back of the coach, by the rear tire.  If you look close you can see the beginning of the gouge just to the left of the tire and running almost to the right edge of the picture. The shot on the bottom right is a blow up of the area just to the right of the tire. See the red paint.

What happen you ask! Well as we were turning into one of the RV park entrances John noticed that a couple of vehicles were trying to leave the park, so like the nice guy he is he pulled to over further to the right, not realizing that he had just made contact with a red steel rail (in a heavy rig like this things like running into trees and such things can’t be felt) well someone started tooting their horn and so out we get to see what the commotion was about and low and behold, a fight between a RV’s fiber glass side and a steel guard rail – guess who won. Not a mark on the guard rail, maybe a little paint, but it wasn’t noticeable. The insurance company’s check states the repair will cost $3200 to repaired it.

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Here I sit in front of my computer; waiting for something to come to mind to write about. Well I will just ramble on and maybe it will be interesting.

This is a medium sized computer, the box about six inches square and has a length of about ten inches.  Its called a Shuttle. My wonderful son-in-law (Shaun) built it for me. I have a 17″ monitor. The main problem with it is that it doesn’t have a large enough fan in it and it gets hot way to quickly. The computer sits/lays on the floor beside me and the monitor sits on a pull out shelf that pulls up and drops down in a horizontal position when its not being used. This arrangement is set up next to a large window right behind my passenger seat near the front of the coach.  When we travel we move the monitor to the bedroom closet and the rest sits where it is. The satellite  modem and router sit behind me next to the kitchen sink/cabinet area on a stack of two of those large white plastic drawers, the ones with three drawers in each. These hold my office type supplies. The satellite gives us DirecTv reception and access to the world wide web!  Oh, and the printer/scanner sits at my feet under the table top.

Maybe I should take a picture to show you! Ok got the picture, now to upload it to the computer and then into this program. Olenberg, Indiana08 011 200x149 Well it isn’t the best of pictures, but you get the idea.

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