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who knows

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, who knows what this new day will bring; what new adventure! With that in mind, I completed my morning routine and then wondered out into the kitchen to start my day.

With that vitalizing thought, I decided to take a little stroll in the great outdoors. I retrieved the trash can from under the kitchen sink, tied up the bag and then bravely stepped out of the RV. This being a new park to me, I had no idea what awaited me out there. I get lost easily so I do not venture very far from the rig on my first time out. I get braver with each trip out. Some of these parks can be huge.

So I step out and am greeted by this strange air that I could see. I thought for a moment that I had been transported back in time to Fontana, California where I spent my teenage years; where we could also see the air, only then it was black and smelled strange, unpleasant and was called smog. The air was cool, but not cold – just the way I liked it!

The air this morning was white and very wet, it smelled good, full of the hint of rain, full of water, (fog I do believe) tiny drops that landed on me as I followed the lane/roadway to the large green trash dumpster that all RV parks have scattered throughout their parks. The sky was overcast holding the promise of rain soon to fall

On the way, I took time to enjoy the trip. The trees! Their color had finally started changing here in North Caroline, and was giving a good show. So much of the East has been dry this year; to dry for mother nature to put on her wonderful fall coat; covering the trees and other plants of the areas in glorious color. That was the reason given for the lack of the beautiful reds, golds & oranges of the fall leaves, by the residents of the areas that we have been traveling through, anyway’s.

I stopped to gather a few leaves, a handful of gold & red treasures that I would put in my three inch thick RV Camping site guide book to dry, so I could enjoy them during a less fun time of the year.

I looked up and saw the beautiful colorful trees and wondered how I could possibly have forgotten what the names of these trees were. Oh, I know a maple, a oak, but the rest have become just a lost memory. I must get a book on trees, or maybe the Internet has that information stored somewhere – does anyone out there know a web site for such?

No one was up and about, or at least not outside, it was quiet and peaceful on my stroll, no dog barking, no vehicles moving, I enjoyed it tremendously! No wonder John likes to take his walk so early in the morning! He’s a smart man! What a great way to start my day!

Now if I am lucky I will be able to go back there and get a picture of a couple of those beautiful trees that will do them justice! 

Misc 032  Tree leaves

Well, just as I suspected, it was to overcast to benefit from the sunlight brightening the trees, but it sure was pretty out there.

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Yes, I am back – after what seems like months!  I am back to try to blog once again, after having my keyboard die. I think that that(dying) might have had something to do with dumping a cup a few drops of coffee on it. Now armed with a new cheap plug in type keyboard (actually I like this one better then the old wireless one – that gave me problems right from the beginning), I am ready to try once again!

I usually IM with my sister a lot; and since the keyboard died she has been whining and whining about me being to cheap frugal to go and get a new one!

Well, in defense of myself, I had to see if I could magically fix this old one (this maneuver consisted of staring at it, cussing it, sweet talking to it, blowing canned air into it) this went on until my sweet husband took me down to Staples where we bought a new keyboard! (actually he got tired of hearing me complain about the darn broken one)

I have found out that I can get a heck of a lot more “things” accomplished without the computer being so readily accessible! I couldn’t log on to any program (no keyboard) (I could play some limited games) all I could use was the IM – that is if I used the pen writing tool – using the mouse to write with is a real challenge – yes I did that for a while, (I had to do something to shut up the whiner) no wonder that little kids make such scrawling marks as they learn to use a pencil.

While I have been computerless so to speak, I have gone through books like they are candy – yes I am a very fast reader – and no I won’t remember what the story was about next week if you ask me about it, but I will remember the story if I try to read it again!

I even did a few housecleaning chores that I have been putting off; defrosted the freezer section of the frig, spot cleaned the carpet, re-arranged everything in some of my cupboards and closets; this has to be done frequently in a moving house like I live in; things have a way of moving around when we make a harder stop or go around a corner on two wheels – well it feels like two wheels sometimes, but with a vehicle 36 feet long that probably would be a great accomplishment. Oh oh, I can just feel John getting irritated at that remark. Hee Hee Love that man!

Well speaking of John, he just asked me if I want to go and gather some black walnuts with him so I will post this now – I am off to the great out doors!

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We pulled into the RV park a week ago, after driving around for a bit, we settled on this spot near the top of the hill, backed up against the trees behind us.


After a couple of days, John decided that the small tree branch behind had to go; I guess it was rubbing or something on the back of the RV. So he gets out his trusty ax and chops away that branch and whatever other under-brush that he didn’t like.

Well, a couple of days later we had a rain storm. It was a nice gentle rain with hardly any wind, though there was thunder and lightening. I am not use to thunder and lightening, in California where I have spent most of my life we didn’t have thunder and lightening except very occasionally

We were in the rig enjoying the evening. The sun had gone down; it goes down  about 7:00 and dark by 7:30 here in Hershey, PA at this time of the year. When suddenly we hear wham! We look at each other with the thought on our lips.  What was that! John goes outside (after all he is the man) to see what the noise was. He comes back in saying that he doesn’t see anything. We both shrug our shoulders and continue watching TV, playing on our computers, and stuffing our faces. And yes we can do all of this at the same time!

The next morning we get up and start our day. John goes outside, wondering around  or whatever it is that he does out there. I think it is to patrol the grounds, looking for something to protect me from.  He is not out there very long before he calls me to come out and look. Of course, I am not doing anything important enough to prevent me from stopping it and rushing out to view this wonderful sight that awaits me!  I should have stayed inside!

He shows me this large branch that those evil trees behind us threw at the RV. One of them manage to make a direct hit! I could see the end of the branch sticking through the awning of the RV. I’m sure that I could hear those trees whispering softly – take that dang you –  or maybe it was just the wind softly rustling their leaves.


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Friday, Sept. 28, 2007

We are here in Hershey, Pennsylvania – we will be staying here for three weeks: 9/14 – 10/14. We are staying at a RV park that is included in the roster of a RV club that we have a membership in– so the price is right! Thousand Trails Parks – Hershey Preserve.

This is a nice park, situated on a hilly area; it has lots of green grass and lots of trees – oak & maple trees galore; lots of squirrels here, after the acorns , I guess.

 Hershey RV Park 350 resized Hershey RV Park resized 350 2 The blue RV in the above photo is ours.   Our toad (white car in rt lower corner and our Katherine’s wheel flying high!

It is a large park with 50 amps! And full hookups wow! In RV parks – this is King! Ah Heaven!

This means that waste water runs down into the city/county waste outlets instead of into our tanks! And water, I can use the washing machine, take a shower and run water in the sink- all at the same time !(that is if I could be in two places at the same time)

It also means that there are no restrictions on how much electricity is available at a time, in most parks we have to keep track of the amount of electricity that we use at a time via a control panel that shows the amps being used.

Most parks are older parks and are wired with 20 – 30 amps. The newer Motorhomes love 50 amps. Just think, I can use the microwave or the convection oven; have the washer going and the electric fry pan and the crock pot all at the same time.

The only bad thing is that the RV is backed into the trees/brush behind us; not letting me have the use of my clothesline; but since we have the 50amps it is no big thing I can use the dryer part of the washing machine without worrying about blowing a fuse. But I do love to hang things on the line, out in the fresh air. John has rigged up a frame that he hangs on the ladder that is attached to the back of the RV

People are always very friendly in RV parks; and this park is no exception. A few people are walking about the park, getting their exercise, and visiting with the folk in the campsites. It is common for people to wave to each other from cars or motorhomes, stopping frequently to talk to someone either in a vehicle or in another campsite.

Strong, life long friendships have developed after meetings in a RV park. Some folk have even married after both couples have lost their partner. Sometimes we will meet a person who seems very lonely, after getting to know them, we find out that they have lost their spouse and are still on the road. We have met many folk that continue this life style after they have been left alone – some from divorce or the death of their spouse. It seems to me that the ladies that I have met that are now single seem to take to this lifestyle better then the guys in the same situation. The ladies seem happy and are getting on with their life, whereas some of the guys appear very lonely.

So this is a little glimpse of the on going life of a nomad in a motorhome.

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