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A fellow, Paul, here in the park was talking to John the other day about things to see and do around the area. Location: Back country dirt road 10-15 miles from Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. He mentioned that we should take a quiet drive down one of the country roads (the name of which I don’t remember right now).

Our friend told John to be very quiet and to drive slowly and if we are very lucky, we would get a chance to see a tribe of woodland trolls that live near that particular nameless? road.

Now, who did he think he was kidding! Come on everyone knows that there is no such thing as trolls! Right!!   Wrong!  Oh my, trolls sure are scary things!  What is a troll? Is it a person? a animal? a critter? I don’t know, but don’t get to close!

We were fortunate to see their house off in the woods; a great big thing, weird looking. It was dark and foreboding. I am sure glad it wasn’t Halloween when we took that ride!

Now I am going to show you some pictures, get the little ones out of the room! Sit back and enjoy!



This is their house. They have trolls on guard duty, hiding.


This one almost got me!   And this one was working really hard holding that fence up.


trolls51This one was trying to get me to come closer! The green one was trying to get his barbeque working! He wanted me to come to dinner. Hmm, I wonder if I was to be dinner.


I could hear his stomach growling!

trolls161I heard this one say that he didn’t want to hear this bunch scream. I wonder if he was talking about us? 


You are looking down the ‘Road of Trolls’. If you look closely you can see them standing along the fence where the fence posts are suppose to be! They are standing on both sides of the road.


This is where the ‘Queen of the Trolls’ lives with Lord Troll. The story goes that a person who happens to see one of them never survives the gauntlet called the  ‘Road of  Trolls’!If you ever get up this way, just ask about the Trolls. The locals are more than happy to share their location with you. After all, a well fed Troll stays under the bridge! 

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Sexual Education at Home!

Late in the evening, grandma & grandpa, mama & daddy, and the, oh so lovely, most knowledgeable, teenager had all settled down at the dining room table, to feast upon the sumptuous chicken enchiladas provided by the extraordinary culinary skills of mama.

The conversation was pleasant, abundant, lively and sometimes spicy; topic after topic was tossed out and debated upon. Though sometimes, as in most families, some topics are taboo! Tonight it was a free night and all was discussed with an open mind, except for politics, this subject has been talked to death, so it was time to move on.

Oh, there were moments when grandma had to reach over and bop daddy on his noggin as he wanted everyone to hear how educated he was in the political arena! But, alas, he is a very slow learner, but I think he finally got the message! Then again, like I said, he is a slow learner!

The conversation turned to blogging, some how the topic of a prior blog of grandma’s was brought up. In the context of the story something along the line of ‘grandma was getting affectionate with grandpa’ entered into the conversation. Very softly I distinctly heard eeewwwww coming from the mouth of mama. At the same time, ‘miss teenager’ exclaimed eeewwwww and than promptly said; “grandma & grandpa don’t have sex!” Then while older eyes rolled back and forth around the table and looked up at the ceiling; she further stated, “That’s disgusting!” Then in a very knowing voice she continued to further enlighten us by saying, “mama & daddy don’t do that any more, because we (her & her sister) are always home”. Not a word was uttered by the grown-ups. Suddenly all of the adults had other things to do and left the table, hiding the snickers and repressed laughter. Smiles!

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Not Again!

Saturday, 8/23  

Thursday, John & I, were planning a long day, so we wanted a early start. We got up early and headed out about 7:30. We planned on having breakfast before driving north to see a few of the sights up near Spearfish, Lead & Deadwood. (SD)

We stopped at the Colonial House, which is nice restaurant a few miles down the road from us on SR 16 here in Rapid City. We were feeling fine and looking forward to a nice breakfast. We ordered and was chatting, waiting for our food.

About this time, I noticed that I had started to sweat, and I mean it was pouring off of me, I started to get nauseous, my guts started churning and I was beginning to think about heading to the ladies room,  I was feeling really bad. I laid my head back on the back of the booth, it was all about me now. John was getting very concerned.

Now our waitress brought our food to the table, of which I instantly pushed to the center of the table. For some reason, probably because she was busy trying to flirt with John, she didn’t notice that I was sick.  I hate her!  She walked off after aiming cheerful comments toward John. 

She left,  meanwhile, I sat up and immediately dropped my head onto the table, I groaned. I was beginning to hyperventilate, or rather, I realized that I was breathing very rapidly. My hands and feet were starting to tingle and I was having trouble thinking. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me! I came up with the conclusion that I was dying of some sort of drug reactions. Since I suddenly couldn’t remember what I had taken in the last 24 hours. I had no clue which over-the-counter drugs I had taken that might be causing the problem. All I knew for sure was that I was probably dying.

Somewhere during this time, John had gotten up and left the table, he came back and told me that there was an emergency room just down the street.  I told him that he would have to help me up, as I was feeling very weak and didn’t know if I could stand up by myself. He helped me to my feet, at which time, I realized that I had to get to the ladies room and in a hurry. As I scurried away down the hall, I realized I didn’t need help walking, I was doing just fine, just don’t get in my way.  In the restroom, I was taking care of business,  every few minutes, John stuck his head in the door, asking if I was all right. Finally, two ladies came in and checked up on me. I was really embarrassed, the room smelt really bad. Even as sick as I was, I knew that.

Finally, we were on the way to the emergency room. When we pulled up to the emergency dock, two security guys came running over and brought a wheelchair, which I sort of fell into. John said they probably came over because of the look of panic and confusion on his face.

The hospital turned out to be a teaching hospital, questions and more questions, first from the nurses, then a student doctor, who was very close to getting her papers, or whatever they call it when they graduate to doctor. Well she said something like that.,  She had even more questions. Why wouldn’t they just let me die in peace!

God it was cold in there! I kept asking for more blankets, of which they were kind enough to bring and cover me with. Finally, I had so many on me that the radiologist ask if there was someone under that pile of blankets. Why wouldn’t they just let me die in peace!

Finally, the real thing appeared! A real doctor, he seemed to know everything that I had told the student doctor (that’s what her name badge called her). After starting a IV, (of which it took two nurses and three sticks), lots of blood drawn for tests for all kinds of things, X-rays, much prodding and pocking, the doctor came back and told me that my heart was fine. Hey, I hadn’t thought of that! 

His conclusion was that I had had a small bowel obstruction caused by a intestinal kink and that it had suddenly released, causing the above mentioned symptoms. He wrote orders, giving me IV fluids, some medication to calm my roaring insides. Finally, he released me to go home, with the instructions that if my symptoms came back I was to come back to the hospital immediately.

Needless to say, we didn’t get to complete our planned activities of the day. Oh well, life goes on. What is that saying about the plans of mice and men…….

Keeping count…….   So far since March 3, 08, I have had five trips to a ER. Count them…  two surgery’s,  two more hospital stays for Diveriticulitis and now this last event. I’m done, its your turn now to support the medical community!

For those of you who care deeply, I still do not need anyone to come and take care of me! If I did, it would be my beloved little sister, who so happens to be a very experienced RN. And I can beat her up!!!  (Yes, I planned it that way, so I would have a very knowledgeable person to take care of me in my very old age, probably sometime after I turn 110) and if I didn’t like what she was doing I could make her stop!!!

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Rant Meme

Hi All,

This is Susan. My Mom (Patsy) is currently on the road, doing what they do in the rig.  Apparently her draft didn’t pop up when it was supposed to and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  You can look at MY meme answers for the questions and when she gets set up with satellite again in a day or two (maybe sooner) she’ll be back online.  Then she will post her answers…

OR since she isn’t here…go ahead and guess what her pet peeves are.  She would be happy to have a full inbox!  I’d give you her phone number and you could just call her and rant away….but Dad would kill me.  Then again….they ARE halfway across the country…

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7/15  We got off to a late start today; left the RV at one in the afternoon, and you can imagine how hot it was outside; I don’t know for sure what the temperature was, but, my face turned red and I was dripping – I didn’t know that I could do that! At least, the mosquitoes left me alone! I am not sure what that means!

This park is divided into two parts; North and South Units. We drove several miles until we come to the park entrance, flashed our Golden Pass Card at the ranger and went happily on our way down this narrow two lane road.

The land formation was so varied that it kept us guessing what the topographical lay of the land would be around the next curve in the road. We would see these towering bluffs, that had what they called slump blocks; they were huge sections of bluff that gradually slide intact to the valley floor – they tilt as the section slides off and slump.

Slump Bluffs Roosevelt National Park North Unit   Slump Bluffs

It is kind of hard to show you! Had trouble with the sun shining into the camera – couldn’t tell for sure what I was taking a picture of! Anyway’s…..moving on

There would be plains full of mid-height grass, golden ripe with heads heavy with next year’s bounty.

Grass Covered Plains Roosevelt National Park North Unit  

The rock in the picture was carried by the glaciers coming down from Canada some 60 million years ago.

  There were batches of purple clusters of Asters, mixed with what looked like Black- Eyed Susans, past their prime, as their black buttons noses stood tall and their yellow faces drooping low, growing in the meadows and along the road ways.

Asters in Roosevelt National Park North Unit Black eyed Susans Roosevelt National Park North Unit

We would come to numerous pullouts along the side of the road, usually with a large brown wooden sign or two explaining different things about the area that they were posted near.

Signs Roosevelt National Park North Unit 022

My, I have gotten carried away with this post; so I will have to tell you about the exciting experience next time – see you tomorrow, same time, same place.

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On Saturday, John and I, along with fourteen other people took a (advertised) 1 ½ mile tour of Hollywood, CA. The tour wasn’t of the movie stars homes, or of the studies, it was of the general area; the city proper. It was a great tour!  

Though the advertised distance of the tour was misleading as my pedometer showed the distance to be 4.6 miles instead of the 1 ½ miles advertised in the literature. It gave me a chance to have a little fun with our guide (Jack).  I had a great time harassing him about the distance we walked; he in turn kept telling me that our train was traveling at least 80 mph; whereas anyone that had ridden in a car would know that we were, maybe, traveling at 45 – 50 mph. Jack is also one of the RVer’s in the park. 

At 6:53 am, we boarded the Metrolink Train at a small station (Acton) which is about four miles from the RV Park that we are staying at. We rode the short train (three- four cars & an engine) into town; a trip of an hour and a half. We arrived at Los Angeles Union Station at 8:20 am. From there we walked over to “The Pantry” for breakfast. 


This is a famous cafe that actors/actresses have been know to hang out in.  Why I don’t know, I sure wasn’t impressed. It appeared to be a dive to me. The food was mediocre, though it was served in hugged amounts. But for whatever reason, it attracted huge crowds, we had to wait in a long line that went half way around the building, and before we was admitted it was even longer.

 A short walk later we boarded the Red Line Bus line at 7th & Figueroa arriving at the famous corner of Hollywood & Vine. We then walked the Walk of the Stars; seen lots of names of famous people from all of the arts, film, theater, radio, music stars.


It was fantastic, seeing all of the names set in the stars, some names I didn’t recognize, sammy-star-cropped.jpg

but knew many of the old time names. It sure brought back memories of days long gone! 

We visited the Hollywood/Highland Subway complex, Renaissance Hotel, Kodak Theater, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Roosevelt Hotel, El Capitan Theater, Spent quite a lot of time at the Farmer’s Market & The Grove, lots of shops & stores there.

Some of the buildings were just seen from the outside, some we went in and just stared in amazement; just beautiful. Anyways, I couldn’t tell in what order that we did what! But it was great fun!   

 I have lived in Southern Ca for 40 years and just found out this month that LA has a subway system.  It is a beautiful area, a very large underground area, which had several levels. subway-cropped.jpgThis This is a mural on the wall in the Hollywood/Highland Subway complex. The photo dosen’t do it justice! 

 Good thing we had a guide, I would have been lost within seconds of getting off of the train. So off we go again, get off, catch a bus, see something, then back to the bus, back to the subway, catch another bus    etc  this is how the tour went. I felt like a sheep following the goat!  

We found lunch at the Farmer’s Market, John had alligator; he said it was good. It was deep fried in little pieces like chicken pieces. He tried his best to get me to eat some of it; but my rule is I eat nothing but lobster from the water, and very little of that! I strongly dislike all life from the sea! I was happy with my side order of beans and rice; with a piece of corn bread!  

We were running out of time and so had to hurry to the subway station, ride it to the bus stop where we caught the bus from hell. This bus was driven by a young lady that for some reason thought that she was a hotrod driver and the bus was her hotrod. She would stomp on the gas, we would shoot forward, go like a bat out of hell, until she got to her next top, swerve over to the curb, slam on the brakes, throwing all of the passengers forward, passengers would load and unload and then off we would shoot again. Finially we got off of the bus, our guide told us that she didn’t take the normal routine, so we had to walk a extra few blocks to the Union Station.

After another hour and a half we arrived back at the Action station and our vehicles. It was 7:20 pm. It was a wonderful day!

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It has been several days since I lasted posted on this blog. I just haven’t been in the mood for writing, you know how that goes.


I wanted to let you know that we will be moving up to Soledad Park tomorrow (Wed), that is a RV park nearActon, CA. Its about 15 miles north of Palmdale (Palmdale is in the desert) in the mountains. I am not sure if we have been there before, but I don’t think so. We will be able to see Aleta *my sister* one last time before we leave the area on our way north (Washington) and  east (coast), then SC.


Aleta will be in the Palmdale area visiting her son and looking for a new place to live. She is leaving her mountain home for the city life. She is getting a new job and setting up house keeping somewhere around there. Since her daughter moved with her family from Mariposa to the San Diego area last year, she has been in a sorry state. What a cry baby! I remember when Susan moved (with our granddaughters) all the way to the Seattle area from Chula Vista, how depressing a time that was. Anyway, Aleta will be closer to her offspring. She misses them terribly, especially the grand kiddies, and now will get to see them more often. That’s a good thing!

We have had a nice time at this park, but it is time to move on. We will be staying at the Soledad park for three weeks, before we continue north on our journey to see Susan (our daughter, (Susan’s Musings). I am sure that you have met her. She thinks that I have the long arm of God, when it comes to weather trends. Hopefully we will leave the rainy weather here in Menifee, they sure need the rain.

We will most likely be gone for 1 ½ to 2 years; staying in the eastern part of the US.  It has been ages since we spent any time to speak of with Ricky (our son, PastorRick). John, also, has several brothers and sisters back east and I have a sister in Wisconsin. So we will be blessing them all  when we show up on their door steps from time to time, and won’t they be surprised; now aren’t they lucky! I saw that rolling of your eyes! Ha Ha


And for your amazement here is double trouble (Eliza & Ruthie) on the socor field! These are Rick’s girls.

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Believe it or not; this is a picture of my computer screen that I can view (its late at night).


 and here it is again with the screen saver running. The “work in progress” in hidden. As you can see, the screen saver does conceal it nicely!

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       I was out walking in the park yesterday.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the sky so blue that the fluffy white clouds stood out like white cotton candy.  

          The sound of ducks quacking and canadian geese honking, lured me to the edge of the canal. I followed the sound along the water, noticing that they were calling to each other as they floated down stream, the sounds getting louder the further we went. I know they were calling me;  inviting me to come along.  When we got down to the end of the canal; I could see that they had invited me to a party!


They wanted me to see their new mates!


This lady was very popular; they all wanted her for their own!


But she had already made her chose; her knight in white shiny armor!

On the way back to the RV; I came across these two ladies playing in the sun.


I told them that I was going home after attending an engagement party! I ask them if they could hear the happy couples chattering.  You should have heard them go off about those blankity, blank  ducks!  With a grin on my face, I informed them that I was going home to get the refreshments for the party.  They threatened me! Can you imagine it! Now what would be wrong with feeding a few ducks?  It sure was fun getting them all worked up! Am I bad!

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Ducks & Green Grass

Wow, time sure passes quickly when you aren’t watching it.
We have moved our Motor home from Quartzsite, AZ to Menifee, CA;  that’s in Southern CA about 40 miles south of  Riverside.  We had an uneventful trip from there to here. I’m sure glad we have finally moved.

It is nice here; green grass or something green growing in the fields across the road from us; the sweet aroma of the multiple cattle yards on the left of us; and most fun of all; a canal with lots and lots of mallard ducks floating up and down the stream. Though in the park itself, all of the rigs are sitting in the dirt, there is no grass growing to speak of. I guess we are in the saving water mode. That happens here in southern Calif. a lot. cropped-mallard-duck.jpgruth-ann-ronnie-ducks-007.jpg

We moved on Monday and got everything set up. We got the satellite dish set up this time without any problems, lately we have had some difficulty getting it lined up like it is suppose to be, and sometimes doing this can be problematical; but it went up without a hitch. This satellite is our link to TV land and to the internet! Our cell phone works just fine here, so we do not have to put up the Wilson antenna or use the booster box to add power and range to our phone reception. cropped-satillite-dish.jpg

Tuesday, we traveled to Fontana (near San Bernardino) to see my brother. On the way up there, the driver of another vehicle started slapping his hands together at me and pointing to the passenger side of the car. Of course, we stopped the car and checked out the situation. Yes, we had a rear flat tire.

After much hassle with our insurance company, I found out that our emergency road service wasn’t what I thought it should be! We were suppose to contact a service place and get the service done and then send them the bill and they would take care of it. Well how in the xxxxxx were we to contact someone when we didn’t know the area or who to contact! That is another problem that I will deal with later.

 crop-john-changing-tire.jpgAnyway, John started pulling things out of the trunk to get to the spare and get the tire changed. Sometime later, with the tire changed, we were on the road again. Had a nice visit with my brother and got home again just before dark.

 Yesterday, John took the tire in to get it fixed in the morning. Can you believe it cost twenty dollars to get it repaired? I can remember a time when I was able to get one fixed for free – just with my wonderful looks and personality! Ha Ha  Later in the day, we were back on the road, again headed up to the San Bernardino area to see my life long friend, Ruth (went to jr high school with her). It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had a very good time talking, laughing and reminiscing.  We went to a near by “I Hop” for a late lunch – early dinner and had so much food left over we could have fed an army! What a feed! Home again.  

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