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The other day, John & I jumped into the car and headed toward ‘The House of Myth Carving Shed’. It is located a few miles from where we are staying. In the “Shed”, artisans create totem poles and other artwork for the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe of Northwestern Native Americans.

It is on Native American land located on the Olympic Peninsula, a few miles from Sequim on Highway 101. The Tribal Headquarters is located there. The 7 Cedars Casino is just down the street. We will hit that up one of these days also!

Anyways, back to the trip! Off we went, it was snowing very lightly, with a little wind. On the road, the wind had picked up and really began to howl, the snow came flying with the wind. The temperature dropped to 200 degrees below!

We first missed cruised the place, and made a repeat try for the entry way. We finally, got parked, but in the wrong lot. We didn’t know where the building was actually located!

Anyways, we climbed out of the car and leaning into the hurling wind and blowing snow, battled our way to the building, having to climb down a steep set of slippery stairs to get to it!

We made our way down to the building which was located in the bottom lot (on a hill). Did I tell you that it was bitterly cold, the wind harsh! I hate being cold! Got to the door, what! What do you mean its locked! Where is everyone? Back we go, up that awful flight of stairs. Approaching the door of the building we were passing, we noticed a sign posted on the door!  It stated: Closed for zxzzxz holiday! But we were here now! And we wanted in! Now! Out of the dam wind and freezing cold!  Off we go, returning home after our wonderful outing. Well! We did go for a ride, even if we were blown all over the road.  Well, we will make this trip another day. I am looking forward to it, kind of excited.  I enjoy anything Indian! After all, I am part Indian.

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Friday, 12/19/08    This is a copy of the Alert Notice that was delivered by one of the RV Park staff members a few hours ago (Friday afternoon). A notice personally delivered by hand to everyone in the park has a way of getting one’s attention!  At the moment, I feel a sense of uneasiness at what the notice implies.

Now, what to do! What to do!  How do you protect a RV from winds like that?  John pulled the picnic table up next to the RV, trying to protect the two little five gallon propane tanks that we use to supply heat to our rig. We use them to supplement the big tank that is housed in a compartment on the underside of our rig. Can’t you just see those little guys hurling away, and on the way to who knows where, ripping the hose out, spraying propane all about. We are setting among some trees, on the top of a foothill in the Cascade Mountains. We are hunkered down in a field of snow, not deep only a inch or two. No telling what the night will bring.

John went down the hill to get some things from the store. I declined tagging along with him, as I am fully aware that to get back here,  he has to drive up the ice/snow crusted very steep road.  When he finally got back, he said that it took him three tries to get up the hill! I am so glad I stayed home.

It has been in the high teens today, so it more then likely will get very very cold tonight.  I am looking forward with a great deal of apprehension  to what the morrow will bring. I will let you all know, if I live through the next twenty-four hours, how this story plays out. I forecast gloom and doom!

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Just Rambling On

I was reading my daughter’s blog ( Susansmusings) the other day where she mentioned about my writing long, wonderful  letters to my family that lived in some far off place like, well…… This was many years ago, she was just a child. She mentioned that they (the letters) were like blogging. No Internet then. How long ago that seems! Everyone use to say how they enjoyed my letters! I sure don’t know what happened. Now, I have great difficulty even coming up with something to write about. So I am going to write a letter to my sister, Aleta and see if I will drift into that old familiar state of mind where I can write about anything and make it interesting – sort of that is!  Now you continue to read, cause it is for all of you to enjoy, that is I hope it will be enjoyable.

Dear Aleta;

Not much is happening here. So not a lot for me to talk about.

I sure wish that you could be here with me.  I also wish you could have been here to help me celebrate my birthday yesterday! Now, John, and me are both the same age. How about that!

It sure is pretty here! We are now entering the drabness (is that spelled right?) of the ending of Autumn, but I still find beauty all about.

Looking out the window beside me, I see several tall pine trees, splendid in their coats of green, against a background of fallen leaves. The leaves are laying among green bushes and ferns. The only thing to improve this picture, would be a covering of snow, but then we would probably be packing up to get the heck out of town, as you know, we are allergic to the color white.

You should see these leaves! They are so big! They must be a foot across! Just look here at them! They look like maple to me, but then I am no expert and my memory of the tree leaves of my childhood is very iffy! (That is to a word! (iffy) I remember when Sue made it up!

large leaves 640x479

I see a couple of old, long dead tree stumps, looking black against the brown of the leaves. The fog of the early morning is still creeping about, it brings a eerie feel to the scene.

Rain continues to come and go here, I can’t trust the weather man as he has been wrong to many times!

And so we wait for the morrow.

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The Best of Times

 It had been raining pretty steady here in King County, Washington for the past couple of days. Flood watch and flood warnings had been issued for the area, but the rain seem to be pretty gentle compared to some of the storms that we have experienced during our recent travels in the eastern part of the US, so we weren’t concerned with any flooding.

We had been over to our daughter’s house in the afternoon, at dusk we started toward where our RV as parked, having our youngest teenage granddaughter in tow. We were about 45 minutes from our RV when we left her place.

It was rapidly becoming dark out, the road barely reflecting our headlights on the pavement. The road was running parallel with the Snoquamish River. The river bank would almost touch the road at times, then sometimes disappearing into the distance. Unknown to us the river was filling rapidly with flood water pouring down out of the mountains north of us. 

The road, was very dark, very wet and very curvy. We were moving along at a decent clip, but not so fast as to be dangerous to our health.  We went down a slight incline, when suddenly we found ourselves hubcap deep in water.  This was very frightening. Were we in the river flood water? A car was on the supposed road in front of us, it just sat there, then with a touch of renewed confidence it started moving through the water, with water splashing high up its sides the car began to make headway.  Timidly, we continued to follow in its wake, concerned that at any moment it would be swept away. It seemed like the flooding continued on and on across the low lying  ground. It was so scary, not being able to really see, what we were dealing with. Gratefully after what seemed like an eternity, we followed the car in front of us on to higher, dry ground.

It turned out in the light of day, that the rain had flooded a low spot in the valley that the road traversed. The river was quite a distance from us and not involved with this flooding.

It really showed us how quickly, danger could occur;  someone could find themselves, being carried down the stream by the river’s current in times of flooding and put in extreme danger. 

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Are you having a drought?

Hello all

I am beginning to believe that this bad weather – very strong winds/ tornados/hail is following us around! While we were up in Washington visiting Susan, a wild wind/rain storm arrived and blew down lots and lots of trees; knocking down electric lines/poles putting out the lights for over a week in some areas. Lucky for us no one we knew was hurt; but there was lots of damage done in the area.

Then in South Dakota; more rain/wind and this time hail the size of baseballs fell on Rapid City the day after we left. We were at the Winnebago Plant in Iowa, when we heard about the RV’s that were coming in from Rapid City that was hit by the hail; we heard that there was lots of damage

Stopped in Wisconsin to see my sister, left there as the rain was coming our way again. Heard about the heavy flooding left in our wake!

Got to Michigan,. There is a tornado warning siren across the street from where we parked our RV., Within a day or two from our arrival that darn thing did its thing! Would you believe how loud that siren can be and how long it can throb! I had noticed a large black cloud (really huge) (did I say really huge – wrong – it was immense) coming rapidly toward us; that was about the time that that siren went off! So what did I do; I went into my brother-in-law’s house, he was there sitting watching TV; the news broadcast was on about the tornados and heavy winds and again hail north of us. I asked him if we could get into his basement, it has been sort of closed off. He said yes; so there we all sat watching TV; my husband , brother-in-law & myself.. The wind came up, the sky all the way to the ground filled with water so thick it looked like fog. In the after math we discovered that a few trees had fallen over and Fenton (to the north of us) had been hit very hard.

We will be going down to Indiana in a couple of weeks! So all of you living/visiting there you had better get out of our way!


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Okay, I cry Uncle!  Give me a break please– please who ever is in charge of hot– please make it go away. 

It is hotter than hell here! And it is suppose to get up to 107 today. Now when you live in a small box that adds up to be about 150 degrees or so it feels.

John and I have this ongoing thing with the air conditioning — me: the more the better — him: get use to the heat. I become incapacitated when it gets to hot; some would say I was incapacitated all of the time! But what do they know!

Yesterday, I left the air conditioner off until the thermostat read 99 then, I could not stand it any longer– I had to have some comfort.

I use to be able to tolerate the heat a lot more before menopause hit me- way back when. Now I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Now is this just me or does all of you ladies out there have this problem?

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Yesterday, John & I took a trip to the grocery store.

We are staying in a RV park near Rapid City, SD just off Highway 16 which is a divided highway with two lanes each way.

The road went through quite a hilly area and was quite curvy. So off we went on this big highway, the traffic was light and there still was daylight.The sky was a little gray with a few rain drops visiting us; it had sputtered most of the night.

 It wasn’t long into our trip when we heard the loud claps of thunder and were regaled with a brilliant lighting show. The sky became very dark and ominous. 

The rain started  coming down very hard; the traffic was slowing and getting thicker. It was getting darker and it was getting harder to see through the rain.  What with the thunder; the crack of the lightening;  and the beat of the rain it was loud and very nerve racking! Soon we couldn’t see very well through the wind shield. Talk about a scary movie scene, this could be one!  Cars were pulled to the shoulder of the highway; their headlights were on and emergency lights were flashing all along the highway.

We, of course, kept going in the high speed lane. Finally, we too, tried to join the lane of stopped traffic on the shoulder. We pulled into a slot and stopped the car. Suddenly, I heard John say; what the hell!  At the same time, I noticed that we were sliding backwards and toward the edge of the shoulder and the drop off past it.

Finally, after what seemed like a eternity we came to rest there on the side of the road. Shakily; we waited in the typhoon (well, it seemed like one) along with the rest of the folk for the rain to stop. Finally it cleared enough so that the traffic could once again continue on it’s way. I believe that was the worse rain storm that I have ever witnessed, at least from the front seat of a car. I hope it is the last one.  

And to think that I could have been home curled up on my bed reading a good book!

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