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The other day, John & I jumped into the car and headed toward ‘The House of Myth Carving Shed’. It is located a few miles from where we are staying. In the “Shed”, artisans create totem poles and other artwork for the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe of Northwestern Native Americans.

It is on Native American land located on the Olympic Peninsula, a few miles from Sequim on Highway 101. The Tribal Headquarters is located there. The 7 Cedars Casino is just down the street. We will hit that up one of these days also!

Anyways, back to the trip! Off we went, it was snowing very lightly, with a little wind. On the road, the wind had picked up and really began to howl, the snow came flying with the wind. The temperature dropped to 200 degrees below!

We first missed cruised the place, and made a repeat try for the entry way. We finally, got parked, but in the wrong lot. We didn’t know where the building was actually located!

Anyways, we climbed out of the car and leaning into the hurling wind and blowing snow, battled our way to the building, having to climb down a steep set of slippery stairs to get to it!

We made our way down to the building which was located in the bottom lot (on a hill). Did I tell you that it was bitterly cold, the wind harsh! I hate being cold! Got to the door, what! What do you mean its locked! Where is everyone? Back we go, up that awful flight of stairs. Approaching the door of the building we were passing, we noticed a sign posted on the door!  It stated: Closed for zxzzxz holiday! But we were here now! And we wanted in! Now! Out of the dam wind and freezing cold!  Off we go, returning home after our wonderful outing. Well! We did go for a ride, even if we were blown all over the road.  Well, we will make this trip another day. I am looking forward to it, kind of excited.  I enjoy anything Indian! After all, I am part Indian.

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Last summer, John and I had the pleasure of spending several weeks in South Dakota. We saw and did many wonderful things in and around Rapid City. One of the things that we did was to take a self-guided tour of the Presidents’ Walk.

We had heard about the project from some locals and were fascinated by the bonze statues all around downtown.

With some investigation we learned that in the year 2000, Rapid City launched its Presidents’ Walk project. The plan was to install the statues of all 40 past presidents on downtown street corners over a 10-year period, at the speed of four statues per year, to promote pride in the heritage of our country. I imagine that this plan has been updated to include all past presidents’, then again, maybe not.

The project provided that four statues of past presidents per year be created and placed on the corners of the downtown area.

The first year, the project began with the first two and the last two presidents: George Washington, John Adams, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. (Clinton was still in office at the time). Every year after that, two presidents from the earlier years and two from the modern years were added.  There should be about 36+ installed by now.

Also, there are a few other statues of other times well worth looking at.

This self-guided tour is well worth taking the time and energy to take. I have included a few snaps to give you a idea of what you will be looking at.

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A fellow, Paul, here in the park was talking to John the other day about things to see and do around the area. Location: Back country dirt road 10-15 miles from Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. He mentioned that we should take a quiet drive down one of the country roads (the name of which I don’t remember right now).

Our friend told John to be very quiet and to drive slowly and if we are very lucky, we would get a chance to see a tribe of woodland trolls that live near that particular nameless? road.

Now, who did he think he was kidding! Come on everyone knows that there is no such thing as trolls! Right!!   Wrong!  Oh my, trolls sure are scary things!  What is a troll? Is it a person? a animal? a critter? I don’t know, but don’t get to close!

We were fortunate to see their house off in the woods; a great big thing, weird looking. It was dark and foreboding. I am sure glad it wasn’t Halloween when we took that ride!

Now I am going to show you some pictures, get the little ones out of the room! Sit back and enjoy!



This is their house. They have trolls on guard duty, hiding.


This one almost got me!   And this one was working really hard holding that fence up.


trolls51This one was trying to get me to come closer! The green one was trying to get his barbeque working! He wanted me to come to dinner. Hmm, I wonder if I was to be dinner.


I could hear his stomach growling!

trolls161I heard this one say that he didn’t want to hear this bunch scream. I wonder if he was talking about us? 


You are looking down the ‘Road of Trolls’. If you look closely you can see them standing along the fence where the fence posts are suppose to be! They are standing on both sides of the road.


This is where the ‘Queen of the Trolls’ lives with Lord Troll. The story goes that a person who happens to see one of them never survives the gauntlet called the  ‘Road of  Trolls’!If you ever get up this way, just ask about the Trolls. The locals are more than happy to share their location with you. After all, a well fed Troll stays under the bridge! 

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How time does fly. Its been awhile since I last posted. The snow has all gone. The flooding that you may have heard about has mostly receded. The rain comes and goes as is normal for this time of the year, and the dark cloudy days by far out number the clear blue ones. The temperature has warmed up, now hovering in the mid-forties to high forties during the day.

About a week ago, we moved further north.  Presently, we are in a park up by Sequim, WA. Which is located on the Olympic Peninsula.  It is really nice up here. The RV sites are located in a open area surrounded with large evergreen trees. The clearing makes it nice to set up the satellite dish. The signals don’t get blocked by all of the trees that usually cause problems in most of the RV parks in Washington.

This a pretty area, still filled with lots of green trees and the ocean is just a spit away; lots to see and do around here. Wild life is rampant. So far we have seen many, many deer, one raccoon, a large road sign warning of a cougar being in the area and one thousand large black birds, probably crows or maybe raven.

The day that we arrived we were greeted with this scene across from our RV. Our neighbor was feeding the critters. They appear to be what we would call Mule deer in California.   

Sequim, WA  Deer

Since then, we have seen them everyday wondering around the park, eating grass and getting handouts from the guests of the park. I just hope that I will not catch sight of that cougar!

I believe that we will have a wonderful time while we are here. Come on over and enjoy the great outdoors with us!  





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